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Matura 2024. Photos of English worksheets have gone online. We have a comment from CKE

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About 30 minutes after the start of the foreign language final exam, photos of the English final exam papers appeared on the Internet. Marcin Smolik, director of the Central Examination Commission, confirmed in an interview with tvn24.pl that CKE is working on reporting the case to the police.

Today, high school graduates took the last compulsory written Matura exam at the primary level – from a modern foreign language. Most high school graduates chose English. The exam started at 9 a.m. About half an hour later, photos of the final exam papers began to appear on the Internet. A similar situation occurred the day before after the start of the mathematics exam and on Tuesday during the Polish language exam.

Matura exam photos online. CKE comment

In an interview with the tvn24.pl portal, the director of the Central Examination Commission confirmed that the matter of photos of the high school leaving examination in mathematics was reported by CKE to the police. – Pursuant to the Act on the Education System, the examinee should not bring a telecommunications device into the classroom, and the supervisory team should ensure that such a device is not brought. This surveillance team was not keeping an eye on it, so we need to find out who posted the photo and who took it. If this is determined, consequences must be drawn towards the examinee and the supervising team – explains the director of CKE.

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When asked whether the Central Examination Commission has already reported the matter of the English Matura exam photos to the police, Smolik replies: “We are preparing a notification.” As he emphasizes, the photos published online cannot be considered a “leak” because they were published after the exam began.

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Photo of the sheet on the Internet – invalidated Matura exam

On Tuesday, during the written Polish language exam, one of the high school graduates took a photo of the exam paper, and the photo was posted on the Internet. The director of CKE informed that it was possible to determine who the high school graduate was, and his exam had already been invalidated.

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The incident took place in one of the adult high schools. – The school principal was asked to write an explanation as to why the supervisory team failed to perform their duties. You can't take out your phone during the exam and take a photo without anyone seeing it. It's impossible, Smolik said on Tuesday. He said that a high school graduate can take the remaining high school leaving exams, but he will not pass the high school leaving exam this year, because if the exam is invalidated, he can only take it next year.

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Main photo source: Marcin Bielecki/PAP

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