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Millionaires TVN: What words does Borat use? A question worth PLN 900,000 [ODPOWIEDŹ]

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What words does the Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev insert in Sasha Baron Cohen’s film: zdrawstwujtie and spasiba, good morning and thank you, salem and rahmet or dobyr day and błagodaria? This question worth PLN 900,000 was answered by Mr. Jakub Kasperkiewicz from Wrocław in the final episode of the special edition of “Millionaires”.

Friday’s episode is the finale of the special edition of “Millionaires“, in which a record two million zlotys can be won. The competitors who qualified for it today have a chance to fight for twice the main prize. To do this, they must give up part of their previous winnings. The amount of this amount will be agreed with Hubert Urbański, who is open to negotiations. The final winnings are therefore the sum of the winnings from today’s episode and the amount that the players manage to keep from the previous game.

Mr. Jakub Kasperkiewicz from Wrocław is a lawyer and musician. In his first attempt to fight for the main prize, he managed to win PLN 40,000. To play for two million, he had to give up part of his winnings. Together with Hubert Urbański, they agreed that he would keep PLN 12,000 and sit in the player’s seat.

The participant had three classic lifelines to help him: a phone call to a friend, half and half and a question to the audience. There were twelve questions waiting for him during the game, each worth twice as much as usual. The first guaranteed threshold was set in the second question, the next guaranteed amount could be set by the competitor himself – he chose the seventh threshold worth PLN 100,000.

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Mr. Jakub gave correct answers to questions about biology, literature, sports and history. He managed to get to the eleventh question, which in this episode was worth as much as PLN 900,000. In the earlier phase of the game, the participant had already used all the lifelines, at this stage he could only count on himself.

What words does Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev say in Sasha Baron Cohen’s film:

AND: zdrastwujtie, spasiba
B: good morning thank you
C: salem, rahmet
D: have a good day, bless you

Mr. Jakub admitted that “it would be nice to have 900,000,” but “the coolness is over.” The player did not want to risk such huge amounts of money. (If he answered incorrectly, he could win 100,000, if he gave up at this stage – 500,000, and if he answered correctly – 900,000 and the opportunity to continue playing for two million). Hubert Urbański, wanting to encourage him to mark the answer, wrote a check for PLN 900,000, but Mr. Jakub did not give in and resigned. This is how he ended his adventure in “Millionaires” with a total winning of PLN 512,000.

“Borat: What I saw in America, so that Kazakhstan grows stronger and people live prosperously”

The question concerns an American satirical mockumentary, i.e. fiction disguised as a documentary film, shot in 2006. The film tells the story of the titular Borat, played by British actor Sacha Baron Cohen. Although his character is supposed to be a journalist from Kazakhstan, adds Polish words from time to time, e.g. good morning or thank you. Therefore correct answer answer this question in the “Millionaires” program is B.

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