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Orlen – situation in the company. Borys Budka on expenses from the company card

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Orlen was treated as a private farm – said the Minister of State Assets, Borys Budka, in the “#BezKitu” program. He pointed out that, among other things, “dental expenses” and “Botox treatment” were paid from Orlen's business card.

In the Friday edition of the “#BezKitu” program, the Minister of State Assets, Borys Budka, referred to the activities of the former president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, who in an interview for Radio Zet said, among other things, that “Mr. Budka has no idea about business” and “it's a pity that she made a mistake “He wants public administration with big international business.”

– It is a pity that Mr Obajtek did not also tell us, for example, about his and his colleagues' dental expenses, which were also covered from Orlen's funds. Well, Orlen was treated like a private farm. I don't know, maybe his business partners also used Botox treatment, because such an expense appears in these credit card expenses – commented Budka.

Borys Budka in “#BezKitu”TVN24

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– It is truly incredible that a guy who became a Polish champion by accident, only thanks to his political connections, dares to lecture anyone about culture – he added.

When asked about the issue of paying for a Botox treatment using Orlen's business card, the head of MAP said that “the services will inform and press charges.” – It was an interesting agreement, management board members had medical packages, but apart from these packages there were, for example, prosthetic services, so someone could get their teeth done, of course at Orlen's expense, apart from these packages – Budka pointed out.

As he explained, “it looked like they paid with these cards and then wrote: a gift for the contractor, a meeting, for example at Harrods (a luxury department store in London – ed.).” – No bills, just a note – he added.

Budka: I hope that a team of prosecutors will be created to deal with Orlen

– There are so many irregularities in Orlen that I hope that the prosecutor general and the national prosecutor will create a team of prosecutors to deal with Orlen – said Budka. – We need to show how money was extracted from the company to serve propaganda – he added.

Budka also stated that there are documents that clearly show that the most important politicians of the United Right had knowledge of irregularities at Orlen. He added that his role as the Minister of Assets ends with personnel changes in State Treasury companies, but “the prosecutor has a lot of work ahead of him.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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