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Oscars 2024. What do the pins worn by stars symbolize?

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A black heart against the background of a hand – red pins with such graphics were worn at this year’s Oscar gala by, among others, Billie Eilish and Mark Ruffalo. Recently, they could also be seen at other galas. This is the symbol of the Artists4Ceasefire campaign, calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. So far, 400 artists have expressed their support for it.

While The 96th Academy Awards some stars had an unusual addition. We’re talking about red pins. On putting them on, outside Billie Eilish and Ruffalo, Finneas O’Connell, Ava DuVernay, Ramy Youssef, Mahershala Ali and Quannah Chasinghorse also decided to play. The pins are a symbol of commitment to the Artists4Ceasefire campaign. According to the statement of the organizers of the action, they are an expression of “collective support for an immediate and lasting ceasefire, the release of all hostages and the urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to the civilian population in Gaza.”

The pins are an expression of support for the Artists4Ceasefire campaign PAP/EPA/KYLE GRILLOT

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Oscars 2024. What do the red pins symbolize?

So far, 400 artists have been involved in Artists4Ceasefire. As part of the campaign, in November last year a letter was sent to Joe Biden and members of the US Congress. “We believe that all life is sacred, regardless of faith or ethnicity, and we condemn the killing of Palestinian and Israeli civilians,” it said. Its addressees were called upon to take immediate steps to de-escalate actions in the Gaza Strip and reach a ceasefire between the warring parties there. The signatories of the appeal included stars such as Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez.

Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell at the 96th Oscars PAP/EPA/CAROLINE BREHMAN

Members of the band Boygenius and singer Annie Lennox also expressed their support for the campaign by wearing pins identical to those seen during yesterday’s Oscar ceremony at the Grammy Awards.

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