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Parliamentary elections in 2023. Sławomir Nitras: picking mushrooms and brushwood in the forest is not a basic human right

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Picking mushrooms and picking brushwood in the forest is not a basic human right in the 21st century, said Sławomir Nitras, a member of the Civic Coalition, who met with the inhabitants of Dzierżoniów on Thursday, together with other politicians from this group. – It is a basic human right that a doctor is at the doctor’s office, not a police officer – he added.

Politicians from the Civic Coalition visited Lower Silesia on Thursday, where they met, among others, the inhabitants of Dzierżoniów and encouraged to participate in the civic action of controlling elections. – There are already well over 32,000 of us in Poland. 32,000 citizens aware of their rights, who want every Pole in the 21st century to be able to enjoy the same rights as a citizen in a democratic country in 23, in the 21st century said the KO MP Slawomir Nitras.

– In the 21st century, this is not basic human rightto be able to go mushroom picking, to be able to go to the forest to pick brushwood. The basic human right is that there is a doctor at the doctor’s office, not a policeman, that every patient in the hospital can get psychiatric help, psychological help, gynecological help, orthopedic help, and not wait four years for it and enjoy the fact that he can mushroom picking, he said.

– Kaczyński lives in a country that he would like to build like the People’s Republic of Poland. you belong to PiS, you are part of the nomenclature – you have all the rights. If you do not belong to PiS or have a different opinion, then your right is that you can go mushroom picking. And that is the only right you have.

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Kaczyński: a huge part of Poles go mushroom picking, this is part of our freedomTVN24

Nitras referred to the statement of the PiS president Jarosław Kaczyńskiwho said in Chełm that “a huge part of Poles go mushroom picking”, which is “part of our freedom”.

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