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Donald Tusk on Russian influence in PiS and Tomasz Szmydt. Waldemar Pawlak and Stanisław Karczewski comment

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I think that this agent, who is currently in Belarus, is happy that he is dividing Poles in this way – said Stanisław Karczewski, PiS senator and former Speaker of the Senate, in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. In this way, he referred to the political emotions surrounding the Tomasz Szmydt case. Waldemar Pawlak, a senator from PSL-Trzecia Droga and former prime minister, spoke in this context about the “failure” and explained what “this should encourage us all to do.”

– If lack of competence, laziness and chaos were the biggest mistakes of PiS and the government of Messrs. Kaczyński and Morawiecki, it would be half the trouble – said Prime Minister Donald Tusk from the Sejm podium on Thursday. As he stated, PiS has been “operating here in Poland under the influence of Russian interests and Russian influence” for many years. He also commented the case of judge Tomasz Szmydt. He described him as a “Belarusian or Russian agent” who “was appointed by PiS” to dismantle the Polish legal system. He recalled that more than 30 years ago, “from this podium, a veteran of Polish politics” Leszek Moczulski read the acronym PZPR as “Paid Traitors of the Paddle of Russia”. He noted that the name United Right Party could be read exactly the same way. – If Mr. Moczulski were here today, he would look this way and say: Paid traitors, servants of Russia – he said.

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Pawlak about the “failure” and what “it should make us all do”

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Tusk's speech was commented on “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 by Waldemar Pawlak, senator from PSL-Trzecia Droga, former prime minister, and Stanisław Karczewski, PiS senator, former Speaker of the Senate.

– I am not surprised that the Prime Minister spoke in such an expressive way. However, it is very important that the state structures start working systematically and very consistently on this type of threats. Because the scandal with Judge Schmydt revealed that today it is necessary to treat agent activities very seriously, (…), but also disinformation activities and activities that are not visible to the naked eye, but have a very destructive impact on the relations between us Poles, said Pawlak.

He added that “if the services worked properly, there would probably not be such a mishap” as the situation with Schmydt. – Although it can be assumed that the manner of evacuation of Mr. Schmydt to Belarus indicates an organized escape, well secured and planned. So it's possible that the services were starting to target Mr. Schmydt, he continued.

According to Pawlak, this “should encourage all of us to organize state services and secret services with much greater care so that, regardless of changes in power, they work in a very effective way.”

Karczewski: this agent is happy that he is dividing Poles in this way

Karczewski said that the Prime Minister's words “are shocking” and the emotions prevailing in the Sejm are “too great.”

– I think that this agent, who is currently in Belarus, is happy that he is dividing Poles in this way – he added, referring to the Szmydt case.

– Prime Minister Donald Tusk's speech is the result of the actions of those agents who are in Poland – this division is digging holes. And (he – ed.) behaves as if he was in the opposition, and yet within four months (since taking power – ed.) he could have caught this agent – added Karczewski.

Main photo source: TVN24

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