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Piaseczno. SKM launches two new lines S4 and S40. They will run to Warsaw and Wieliszew

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Two new lines will run from Piaseczno to the capital: S4 and S40. The first will run through Warsaw Gdańska to Wieliszew, the second to Warsaw Główny. Trains will depart every half hour, and you will be able to travel on them with ZTM tickets.

On Sunday, March 12 For the first time, the trains of the new Fast Urban Railway line – S4 will run on the tracks. It will connect Piaseczno, via Warsaw Gdańsk, with Wieliszew. A day later, trains of the S40 line will start, which will serve the Piaseczno – Warszawa Główna route on weekdays.

We are opening two new, daily rail connections from the south of the Warsaw agglomeration to the capital. The inhabitants of Piaseczno, as well as many Warsaw districts, will be able to take advantage of two courses within an hour. Traveling by SKM trains from Piaseczno to the center of the capital will take only 35 minutes, says the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski.

The timetables of both lines will be coordinated on weekdays – this means that SKM trains from Piaseczno to Warsaw will depart twice an hour, i.e. every half an hour – alternating between S4 and S40.

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Convenient transfers

The SKM line from Piaseczno intersects with the routes of the Warsaw Public Transport line in many places. This will enable transfers between trains, buses, trams and the subway – at the Warszawa Jeziorki, Służewiec, Żwirki i Wigury and Aleje Jerozolimskie stops, you can change to buses, and at Służewiec and Rakowiec also to trams. “A large transfer hub of the capital is the West Railway Station, where you can use not only other rail connections, but also buses – departing from here to various parts of the city” – explains the town hall in a communiqué.

S40 trains will reach Warszawa Główna, i.e. at Zawiszy Square, where the routes of many bus and tram lines intersect. On the other hand, S4 trains on the northern section of the route will be connected not only with buses and trams (Warszawa Wola, Koło, Zoo, Toruńska stations), but also with the metro – line M2 at the Warszawa Młynów station and M1 at the Gdański railway station.

There are two P+R car parks on the route of the new SKM – at the Warszawa Jeziorki and Warszawa Żerań stops. The new connections will be operated with the available rolling stock, including the latest Impuls 2 trains, which SKM has been using since last year.

Route S4 from Piaseczno to Wieliszew

From Sunday, March 12, SKM trains of the line S4 will run on the route: PIASECZNO – Nowa Iwiczna – Warsaw Jeziorki – Warsaw Dawidy – Warsaw Okęcie – Warsaw Służewiec – Warsaw Żwirki i Wigury – Warsaw Rakowiec – Warsaw Al. Jerozolimskie – WARSAW ZACHODNIA (platform 9) – Warsaw Wola – Warsaw Młynów – Warsaw Koło – Warsaw Powązki – WARSAW GDAŃSKA – Warsaw ZOO – Warsaw Praga – Warsaw Toruńska – Warsaw Żerań – Warsaw Płudy – Warsaw Choszczówka – LEGIONOWO – Legionowo Piaski – Michałów-Reginów – WIELISZEW.

Trains will run daily. They cover the entire route in about 70 minutes. The journey from Piaseczno to Warszawa Gdańska will take approximately 37 minutes, and from Legionowo to Warszawa Gdańska approximately 20 minutes.

According to the city hall, 20 connections per day are planned – to the north and south. Trains will depart from the station approximately every hour. The first train on weekdays will leave Piaseczno at 4:28 and the last one at 23:24. In the opposite direction, trains will start running at 5:00 from Warszawa Gdańska, and the first course on the Wieliszew – Piaseczno route will start at 5:22. The last train to Piaseczno will leave Wieliszew at 22:18, and from Warsaw West at 23:29.

Route S40 from Piaseczno to Warszawa Główna

From Monday, March 13, SKM trains of the line S40 on weekdays they will serve the following route: PIASECZNO – Nowa Iwiczna – Warsaw Jeziorki – Warsaw Dawidy – Warsaw Okęcie – Warsaw Służewiec – Warsaw Żwirki i Wigury – Warsaw Rakowiec – Warsaw Aleje Jerozolimskie – Warsaw Zachodnia – WARSAW GŁÓWNA.

You need to book about 35 minutes to cover the entire route. Trains will run approximately every hour. There will be 18 trips a day in the direction of Warszawa Główna. The first train will set off from Piaseczno at 4:54 and the last one at 21:52. 19 trips are planned in the opposite direction. The train will start its first run at Warszawa Główna station at 4:26 and the last one at 22:25.

Travel on ZTM tickets

All tickets of the Public Transport Authority (including Metropolitan Tickets) will be valid on SKM trains of the S4 and S40 lines. The border stops between the 1st and 2nd ticket zones are Warszawa Jeziorki and Warszawa Choszczówka.

Main photo source: SKM Warsaw

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