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PiS rally in Bogatynia. Speech by Jarosław Kaczyński

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No one will teach us here, no one will dictate to us. Poland must remain sovereign, PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński said in Bogatynia. – We don’t just want support from various TV stations. We want to have the support of Poles, the majority of Poles, he added.

President of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski at a meeting with supporters of his party in Bogatynia, he said that PIS chose this city to express solidarity with the workers Turów mine. He assessed that “what is happening around the mine is nothing more than an attack on our sovereignty.”

– No one will teach us here, no one will dictate to us. Poland must remain sovereign and free, he appealed. – We want the European Union, we will be in the European Union, but we will be sovereign – he argued.

Kaczyński further assessed that Poland has a “good host” today. – Poland with a good host, with this huge dynamics that is in our nation, without this huge mechanism of stealing, which was here and which worked in the direction exactly opposite to what Poland should go, burdened us terribly. It was like a bag of stones on our backs. We dropped this sack, like a good farmer. We are going up, it is always difficult, but we are going without this burden – he continued.

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Jarosław Kaczyński at a PiS rally in BogatyniaPAP/Sebastian Borowski

The PiS president also commented on the situation beyond Poland’s eastern border. – We have a war across the border, and in this other imperialist, aggressive, terrorist state, as the Ukrainians say, and they rightly say, a war has also broken out. What it will be like, at the moment we don’t know if it’s an incident or something bigger, we don’t know either,” he said.

– This shows how aggression ends today, if the attacked person can defend himself, is brave, has the means and those who support, who supports the most? We, he said.

“I call on everyone who will take part in this referendum”

According to Kaczyński, “today, due to various factors, including the lack of imagination of the Western elites, a new wave is moving across the Mediterranean.”

The PiS president also mentioned the referendum on migrants proposed by his party. – We will defend ourselves, but we will not let others decide for us. And that is why there will be a referendum on this matter – he declared.

– Remember that this Polish decision, because we know what it will be like, I am sure of it, this Polish decision, the Polish “no” will also have meaning in Europe – he assessed. We want the support of the people. This will be very important on a European scale, a very important decision. I call on everyone who will take part in this referendum to say briefly: we do not agree – he added.

Kaczyński: We don’t just want the support of various TV stations

Kaczyński assured the gathered that his group “must fight a battle, a great, very great battle for Poland, a battle in which everyone will take part.” – Because there are many people in Poland who live, as I say, in an imaginary reality, a reality in which we have a great crisis, we have a social catastrophe in all areas. You might as well say at the moment that it’s raining here, a cold autumn with hail, he said.

That’s why this fight is so hard. Its goal is not only to maintain our course, the course towards sovereignty and rapid development, he said. – This is a rate that has a chance only if, for the third time, in exceptionally specific, difficult conditions, it receives support, the powerful support of the nation – he continued.

Kaczyński assured that his party “doesn’t just want the support of various TV stations”. – We want to have the support of Poles, the majority of Poles. Free Poland – this is our goal. But (Poland) is free, wealthy, strong, self-confident, full of happy families, including children to be cared for, full of happiness and fun, because this is also important. This is the kind of Poland we want: for you, but also for us, for the whole nation, declared the PiS president.

Main photo source: PAP/Sebastian Borowski

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