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Portal with apartment prices. The government plans to create a central database

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The Ministry of Development and Technology (MRiT) is working on a central database on the housing market, which will include, among other things, real real estate transaction prices. The project is to be launched in stages.

“Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, which reports on the case, points out that former Minister of Development Waldemar Buda (PiS) has repeatedly spoken about the need to launch a portal with housing prices.

The proposal failed because the United Right failed to adopt appropriate regulations.

Central database on the housing market

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“However, the idea returned recently when the first assumptions for the Mieszkanie na Start loan act were published. The database is to be managed by the Insurance Guarantee Fund, which already manages the Developer Guarantee Fund and collects some of the data from the market,” we read in “DGP”.

Additionally, the portal will be fed with data from notarial deeds (via the National Tax Administration, which already collects them from notaries), as well as statements sent directly by development companies.

The Ministry of Development and Technology, in response to “DGP's” questions, specifies that while the conceptual work “takes into account previous experience”, “however, the nature of the website will change”.

“The database (called the 'DOM portal' by the ministry) is to be not only 'a source of knowledge about real housing prices and their formation', but will also ultimately become a collection of data that will be used 'to better parameterize these government programs',” writes the newspaper.

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