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Warm air is flowing in from southern Europe

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Warm air masses from southern Europe that have not been seen for a long time are flowing into Poland. They will cause the temperature to exceed 20 degrees Celsius in some places.

Poland fell under the influence of a sunny high pressure stretching from the Balkans, through eastern Europe, to Finland and Spitsbergen. However, the western and northern edges of the country remain within the reach of the Dunja and Celina lowlands from western and north-western Europe. The front associated with them will touch Pomerania, Warmia and Masuria.

– The systems bring to our area warm air masses that have not been seen for a long time from southern Europe – said tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. She added that the temperature in the afternoon would approach 20 degrees Celsius and exceed this value in the west.

Due to the front, light rainfall may occur in the north of the country. It will also sprinkle over the south-eastern regions of Poland, over which a weakly active front will pass. The rainfall will be rather symbolic.

The clouds will roll in, carrying light, passing rain

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On Saturday morning, it is cloudy in the north-east, east and in places from Pomerania to Lower Silesia. In addition, there are bad weather conditions.

According to the forecaster, the clouds are moving away from the north-east, so there will be more clear weather. It is possible that in places in the north and south, as well as in the west, clouds will roll in, carrying light, passing rain.

When the weather cleared, the temperature dropped at night to 0 degrees C in Zielona Góra, Babimost, 1 degrees C in Kozienice, Szczecinek, Piła, and 2 degrees C in Białystok and Lublin. There were frosts locally.

Minimum temperature on Saturdaywetteronline.de

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