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Preliminary election results in North Macedonia. “Knockout of the government”

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After adding up, approximately 70 percent of votes cast in the second round of the presidential elections, it gains a decisive advantage Gordana Siljanowska-Dawkowa – over 64 percent support. This means she could be the first female president in the world North Macedonia.

The constitution requires 40 percent. turnout in the second round of the presidential elections for the result to be considered valid. The latest data on turnout in Wednesday's elections indicate that by 18.30 – premises closed at 19.00 – it amounted to over 46 percent.

Elections in North Macedonia. The current president congratulates his competitors

Although there are no official results yet, the current president of North Macedonia Stewo Pendarowski admitted his defeat in the second round of the presidential elections.

– The results are clear and I am not going to explain them in detail. I want to congratulate the winners and wish them success in the next four and five years (the term of office of parliament and the term of office of president) – said Pendarowski during the post-election conference.

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Parliamentary elections in North Macedonia. Conservatives win

Preliminary results after counting almost 74%. votes cast in the parallel parliamentary elections indicate the victory of the conservative VMRO-DPMNE – the party supporting Siljanowska-Dawkowa – giving the group almost 42 percent. votes. The coalition centered around the Albanian Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) gains over 15 percent, and the currently ruling Social Democratic Union of Macedonia – slightly over 14 percent. votes.

Jakub Bielamowiczan expert from the Institute for New Europe said in Polsat News that the results are a “knockout of the currently ruling social democrats.”

– The main reasons for this state of affairs are, above all, unfulfilled promises regarding European integration. Seven years ago, when there was a great change of power in North Macedonia, (…) the social democrats came to power on the slogans of renewal, accelerating European integration, but they failed in this field – said the expert, emphasizing that the country he has been trying to become a member for about 20 years European Union.

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