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President Andrzej Duda at the Anakonda-23 exercise: some procedures were used for the first time

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Never has war been so close to us, never been so tangible. It creates many different difficult situations, many provocations, even those that we have seen even in the last hours – said President Andrzej Duda in Ustka, where he observed the Anaconda-23 exercise.

on Saturday at the Central Training Ground of the SP in Ustka, the president Andrzej Duda observed the activities of the troops during this year’s largest exercise of the Polish Armed Forces – Anakonda-23, organized by the Operational Command of the Armed Forces. He also met with practicing soldiers.

“War has never been so close”

During his speech in Ustka, the President referred to the incident that took place on Friday evening near Białowieża, where Belarus a flying object flew into Polish airspace.

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– War has never been so close to us, it has never been so tangible. It creates many different difficult situations, many provocations, even those that we see even in the last hours, when we hear that objects are coming over Poland from Belarus, of various kinds, you need to recognize them, consider how dangerous they pose – said Andrzej Duda . He assured that “decisions are made, objects are observed, we draw conclusions from every action that takes place.”

– For me, the most important thing is that Poland should be safe, and above all, that all our citizens should feel safe – said the president.

President Andrzej Duda at the Anaconda-23 exerciseTVN24

He stressed that conclusions were drawn “from all events that take place”. – They are new to us. Poland and polish army has not seen such events in and over our territory for many decades. There are procedures that we verify, which we check on an ongoing basis, which we analyze. Some of them functioned better so far, they were corrected if there was something wrong, others did not function because there was no such need. There are situations when these procedures are launched for the first time – said the president.

Exercise Anakonda-23

Akakonda-23 is a national exercise involving allied and partner forces. It is closely coordinated with the American Defender-23 exercise and the Swedish Aurora-23 exercise. This year’s Anaconda consists of four parts: a study exercise with a war game at the strategic and operational level; a combined military exercise, a computer-assisted command and staff exercise and an experimental exercise.

More than 12,000 people participate in the active part. Polish soldiers and several hundred z NATO countries and partner countries. Tasks in the exercise were assigned to the commanders of the 12th, 16th and 18th Mechanized Divisions.

The Anaconda-23 exercise is intended to integrate the military capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces, allied and partner forces and the non-military system in the international operational environment, so that they are able to cooperate with the allied operation in the Baltic Sea region in the event of invoking Article 5 of the Washington Treaty.

Main photo source: TVN24

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