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Prime Minister of Great Britain in Poland. Rishi Sunak on defense GDP

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Tuesday in Warsaw that he would raise it defense spending up to 2.5 percent GDPto reach £87 billion (PLN 435 billion) annually by 2030.

– Over the next six years, we will invest additional money in our defense and all this will be financed without incurring any debt – said the politician.

“Britain cannot be complacent when the world is the most dangerous since the Cold War,” Sunak said during a joint press conference with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg at the headquarters of the 1st Warsaw Armored Brigade.

“As our adversaries come closer together, we must do more to defend our interests and our values,” he added.

Prime Minister of Great Britain in Poland. Rishi Sunak on support for Ukraine

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We will send Ukraine an additional 500 million pounds. This year, our total expenditure on aid to Ukraine will be PLN 3.5 billion. We will send 400 vehicles, 400 million rounds of ammunition, anti-aircraft defense and Storm Shadow missiles, declared the head of the British government.

Sunak added that increasing spending to support Ukraine would allow us to support the country in many ways, “so that our security guarantees go hand in hand with funding guarantees, including long-term ones.” – We offer the most long-term commitment of any other country – he assured.

– We did not choose the situation we are in now, but we have to react to it. We have to show our opponents that we are determined, determined to act, and that their attempts to change our borders by force will simply failbecause our allies and ourselves will be on the front line of the fight for democratic values, said the British Prime Minister.

– Vladimir Putin wants to drag us into a world where brute force shapes borders, not democratic elections – said the politician. Sunak said Putin did not will stop in Ukraine. He added that the cost of lack of support for Ukraine will be much greater than the cost of delaying Putin's actions.

Sunak emphasized that he must keep the safety of British citizens in mind, and he can do so thanks to this dedicated service of soldierswho are ready to sacrifice their safety to defend values.

The Prime Minister pointed to the threat resulting from the actions of countries such as Russia, Iran and North Koreathat have access to advanced technologies.

– We increasingly have to deal with hybrid attacks and disinformation. In this situation, it is necessary to prepare to defend ourselves, Sunak explained. – We will increase our defense research and development to a minimum of 5%. defense budget – announced the politician.

Stoltenberg: Great Britain is one of the key allies within NATO

– Today's announcement of another support package – ammunition, air defense and other options to respond to attacks – shows Great Britain's involvement in helping Ukraine – said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The head of the Alliance emphasized that Great Britain is one of the key allies within NATO and makes a huge contribution to security. He added that Great Britain leads the Alliance forces in Estonia and its planes guard the airspace.

– The UK is also at the heart of Exercise Steadfast Defender, which is currently underway. These exercises currently involve over 16,000 people. British military personnel, Stoltenberg said.

– I would like to confirm the huge role that Great Britain plays in our Alliance – said the head of NATO, emphasizing that The UK will spend 2.5%. GDP for defense by 2030.

– When the illegal, illegal annexation of Crimea took place, exactly Britain was the first to offer training and military support to Ukraine. After the full-scale invasion in 2022, London offered further training and provided billions of pounds of military aid, Stoltenberg recalled.

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