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Radom. He didn't fly to Cyprus because of a joke about a bomb at the airport

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At the airport in Radom, he “joke” about a bomb in his luggage and had to change his vacation plans. The captain of the plane decided that the 22-year-old would not fly to Cyprus. He was also fined PLN 500.

The incident involving a 22-year-old traveler occurred at one of the baggage drop stations.

– According to the statement of a ground handler for passengers departing for Larnaca, one of the travelers stated that he had dangerous items in his luggage, including a bomb. Officers from the Special Intervention Team of the Border Guard Station in Radom were immediately informed about the incident and went to the site to investigate the circumstances of the incident and check the man's luggage, said Dagmara Bielec, spokeswoman for the Nadwiślański Border Guard Unit.

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Changes to holiday plans and mandates

As the spokeswoman added, the passenger was informed about the possibility of using direct coercive measures against him if he did not comply with the orders. – Then the man was identified and his luggage was thoroughly checked for possession of dangerous items – the result was negative. The 22-year-old apologized and expressed remorse for his behavior, claiming that the information about having a bomb in his luggage was just a joke, the spokeswoman further informed.

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Detained for a joke, he paid dearly because the plane's captain decided not to let him board, thus preventing his journey to Cyprus. – Additionally, in connection with the offense committed, the traveler was fined PLN 500 pursuant to Art. 210 section 1 point 5a of the Aviation Law – concluded Bielec.

Main photo source: Mateusz Szmelter / tvnwarszawa.pl

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