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Radom. One year suspended prison for gynecologist for accepting money and assisting in abortion. The surgery did not take place

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The court of a gynecologist from Radom, who was charged by the prosecutor’s office with a total of one year in prison, suspended for three years, was sentenced by the court for helping a woman to terminate her pregnancy and confirming untruths in medical records. The abortion never happened.

Due to the nature of the case, the trial was held in public. On Tuesday, the court publicly announced the verdict itself, without justifying it.

The court found Sławomir W. guilty of the crime of helping a pregnant woman to terminate her pregnancy in violation of the provisions of the Act. In the court’s opinion, the doctor also certified untruth in the medical records and accepted a financial benefit in the amount of PLN 4,000.

§ 1. Whoever, with the consent of the woman, terminates her pregnancy in violation of the provisions of the Act, shall be punishable by imprisonment of up to 3 years. (…)

For both acts, the court sentenced the gynecologist to a total penalty of one year in prison, and conditionally suspended her execution for three years. The doctor will have to inform the court about the progress of the trial during this time. The court also decided to forfeit the financial advantage to the State Treasury.

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There was no abortion

In 2020, investigators filed an indictment in the case of Sławomir W., a well-known Radom gynecologist, to the court. As the District Prosecutor’s Office in Radom informed at the time, the gynecologist made an appointment with the patient for an abortion and charged PLN 4,000 for its performance.

However, the abortion did not take place. The woman reported the matter to the detective office. Just before the procedure, the detective hired by the woman entered the doctor’s office, where there was also a patient and an anesthesiologist getting ready for work.

The prosecutor’s office also accused the doctor of certifying untruth in the medical records. The gynecologist stated in the patient’s card that she came to him with pain, and at the same time he did not note that the woman was pregnant.

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