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Reports about the destruction of documents in government institutions, information that reaches the opposition. Krzysztof Śmiszek and Robert Kropiwnicki comment

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It is very clear that Law and Justice is in its final stages of trying to cover its tracks, said Krzysztof Śmiszek from the Nowa Left in the “#BezKitu Campaign” on TVN24. He added that the opposition is contacted by “whistleblowers who tell us where to look for specific information.” This was also confirmed by Robert Kropiwnicki from the Civic Coalition. – These documents are slowly reaching us. There is really a lot of it, he added.

At the beginning of the program, host Radomir Wit quoted information from the ABW tender platform regarding the “purchase and one-off delivery of offset cardboard, digital printing paper and shredders.” The date of initiation of the procedure is October 10, and the deadline for submitting offers was Thursday, October 19.

ABW informs about the proceedings regarding the “purchase and single delivery of offset cardboard, paper for digital printing and shreddersTVN24

ABW. Inquiry regarding the purchase and one-time delivery of offset cardboard, digital printing paper and shreddersTVN24

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Śmiszek: Law and Justice is in its final stages of trying to cover its tracks

The program’s guests – Krzysztof Śmiszek from the New Left and Robert Kropiwnicki from the Civic Coalition – talked about the opposition’s suspicions regarding the destruction of documents by the current government camp before handing over power.

“Kaczyński, what are you smoking there?”

– Law and Justice must remember that not only shredders are in use, but also photocopiers. And nothing that was created during the times of Law and Justice will disappear so quickly. But you can see very clearly that Law and Justice in the final straight he wants to cover his tracks – commented Śmiszek.

As he argued, “those who cover their tracks are those who have something to hide, those who have something behind their ears, those who have something behind their fingernails.” He added that “Law and Justice has proven over the last eight years that it can siphon off public money quite effectively, break the law quite effectively and act quite effectively without a legal basis.”

– But fortunately, over the last eight years we have had independent journalists and a quite active opposition that discovered what it could. And all of us have been showing these scams and these crimes for the last eight years – emphasized Śmiszek. He stated that “Law and Justice cannot sleep peacefully.”

– Shredders and burning these documents really won’t help much. Because there are people in these ministries who will talk. There are whistleblowers who are already reporting to the opposition, who tell them where to look for specific information, Śmiszek continued.

Kropiwnicki: People from public institutions contact me

Robert Kropiwnicki said that “there are a lot of people who come forward, who say what happened, where to look and that they have documents.” – And these documents are slowly reaching us. There is really a lot of it, he added.

When asked whether people who had information on this subject also contacted him, he replied: – Yes, I have such signals and I have already talked to a few people who say that as soon as there is a new government, new ministers, they will handle all this. will be happy to provide. These are specifics.

When asked from which organizations and institutions people contacted him, he replied “from public institutions”, but he did not want to talk about details. He pointed out that these reports concern “tenders, rigging of tenders, dictating conditions.”

A KO representative said that “unfortunately, it is already known that many of these things were very carefully prepared for specific suppliers’ offers.” – So all this will come out and there will really be something to do to explain it – added the TVN24 guest.

Kropiwnicki: People from public institutions contact me

Kropiwnicki: People from public institutions contact meTVN24

Questions, among others, about the politicization of the judiciary

In the next part of the program, representatives of the young generation asked questions to politicians.

Martyna Kaźmierczak from the “Girls for Elections” Initiative asked about actions that must be taken now to avoid courts becoming politicized again in the future. – We need to bring about a state consistent with the constitution, where the majority of the members of the National Council of the Judiciary are elected by the judicial community, and not, as today, by the political community – replied Krzysztof Śmiszek.

Barbara Felix from the SEXEDPL Foundation asked about how to improve the level of sexual education in our country. – This is definitely a question for the new minister of education – Kropiwnicki replied. He added that “it must be done in a civilized way, so that it is professional, so that children and young people learn from people who are professionally prepared for education, and not from videos on YouTube or other websites.”

Maja Włodarczyk from the “East” Initiative asked politicians to declare that after elections they will not neglect the issue of abortion and will lead to legal changes in this area. – For us, for the Left, the issue of the right to terminate pregnancy is not a worldview. This is not an ideological issue, assured Śmiszek. – The Civic Coalition has a clear position that this matter must be resolved and in a similar spirit. Maybe we put more emphasis on the fact that women must be provided with psychological care and support when making this decision, because it is always a tragedy for those girls and ladies who make such a decision. But they must have the right to do so, care and it must be done, said Kropiwnicki.

Jakub Kocjan from Akcja Democracy, coordinator of the Agreement for the Rule of Law, asked politicians whether they still believe that one of the priorities for quick resolution should be the separation of the functions of the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General. Śmiszek replied that “the separation of the functions of the prosecutor general from the minister of justice is proposed by virtually every democratic group that will form the democratic majority today.” Kropiwnicki added that “the prosecutor’s office cannot be an institution of government defense, because that is what it comes down to today.”

Natasza Parzymies on the making of the film “You Hear It Too”

The next part of the program featured Natasza Parzymies, director of the film “You Hear It Too”. It is a short production addressed to women, intended to encourage them to participate in elections.

She made a video to encourage women to vote. “They need a glimmer of hope”

– The concept was created a few months ago, when my team and I found out that there are a huge number of young women who do not plan to vote. Back then it was like this polls. And so we thought, “Okay, we make films, so maybe let’s use what we do best for such an important purpose,” she said.

– And this is actually where the idea was born to make a film about three different girls who find strength in each other and unite on election day – she added.

Natasza Parzymies on how the film was made "You hear it too

Natasza Parzymies on the making of the film “You Hear It TooTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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