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Russia – Ukraine – Poland. Will Russia defeat Ukraine? Radosław Sikorski: we have a choice

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Either the victorious Russia will stand on the border with Poland, or the defeated Russia will leave Ukraine. This is our choice, said the head of Polish diplomacy, Radosław Sikorski, in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski gave an interview to the German “Bild”. – Russia attacked Poland many times during 500 years of our history. So we wouldn't be surprised at all (by another attack – ed.). (If it decided to attack – ed.) Russia would lose because we, as the West, are much stronger than it, he said in the conversation published on Sunday. – Today Ukraine is not fighting alone. Unlike often in the past, we would not fight alone, he added.

In Sikorski's opinion, “we have a choice – either we will have a defeated Russian army outside Ukraine, or a victorious Russian army on the border with Poland.”

He argued that if Russia won, Vladimir Putin would act like Hitler did with Czechoslovakia: “he would take control of Ukraine's industry and people and use them to continue the war.” – It's better to stop Putin in Ukraine – he noted.

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Russian soldiers in Ukraine (26/03/2022)SERGEI ILNITSKY/EPA/PAP

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are no signs that there is currently a threat of Putin using nuclear weapons. – There are no physical signals that warheads (with nuclear charges – ed.) have been removed from warehouses. We would know in advance if that happened, he said.

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He emphasized that Putin could not make a possible decision to use such weapons alone. – This is not a weapon that is available at the push of a button. There is a normal decision-making chain involving the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff. (Putin – ed.) would have to convince his generals to carry out such an order. These generals would know that this would make them war criminals. At this point they would have a choice – follow the order or get rid of Putin, he said.

Sikorski on “a strong deterrent”

Additionally, Sikorski recalled media reports according to which the US warned Russia against using nuclear weapons. – The United States has told Russia very firmly that it will use its conventional forces to destroy any Russian target in the occupied territories of Ukraine if Russia uses nuclear weapons. (…). I think it is a strong deterrent, said the Polish minister.

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He also expressed hope for change Germany's decision to transfer Taurus missiles to Ukraine. – The United States provided Ukraine with the famous ATACMS missiles with a range of 300 kilometers. I hope that the Chancellor (German Olaf Scholz – ed.) realizes that this is a reaction to the drastic escalation on the part of Russia. The Russians have already destroyed 70 percent of Ukraine's electricity production potential. This is essentially a war crime, Sikorski said.

He criticized the attitude of politicians in Germany towards Russia. – German politicians seem satisfied that Russia will only be ready (to attack one of the NATO countries – ed.) in four to five years, and by then Germany (plans that – ed.) will be ready (to defend – ed. .). But before Russia reaches Germany, it will have to reach other countries, Sikorski said. As the newspaper noted, this concerns Poland or the Baltic countries.


“Bild am Sonntag” reminds that in the coming week the head of Polish diplomacy is to meet with his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock. They both agree that Ukraine needs even more support, we read.

– I think we all know by now that Putin only reacts to pressure, to the sharpest arguments of brute force. We warned Germany about this, for example in the case of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, but we were not listened to. I hope that this time they will listen to us, Sikorski concluded.

Main photo source: SERGEI ILNITSKY/EPA/PAP

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