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Rzeszów. The body of a woman in the bushes, they don't know who she is. They are trying to establish identity

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The police are trying to establish the identity of a woman whose body was found on April 11 in the bushes at Lubelska Street in Rzeszów. They published information about her description, distinguishing marks and clothing that may help in identification.

“The woman was about 45-50 years old, slim build, round face, short, dark, slightly graying hair, medium-sized ears and visible missing teeth (the upper four and seventh on the right side are gold in color),” the police say.

Distinguishing signs and clothing

She had a tattoo with a floral design on her left arm and a tattoo of a fox's snout decorated with flowers on her left forearm. On the inside of her right forearm, she had a tattoo depicting a sailor's wheel and the inscription “procul negotis senza dubbio”.

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The woman had a tattoo of a fox's muzzle decorated with flowersKMP in Rzeszów

In addition, the woman was wearing a navy blue waist-length jacket with orange lining and a hood lined with sheepskin, a gray sweatshirt with the colorful inscription “THE NEW GEN”, graphite jeans and white sports shoes with the inscription “Reebok”.

The watch the woman was wearingKMP in Rzeszów

“The deceased had a black backpack with a green reflector with the inscription “STOP” hanging on it, on her left hand she had an electronic watch with the inscription “POLIT”, on the fingers of her left hand she had two gold rings. On her neck there was a gold chain,” they said in the release. policemen from Rzeszów.

The woman was wearing two ringsKMP in Rzeszów

A backpack was found on the womanKMP in Rzeszów

An appeal to contact the police

The officers add that people who have information that could help determine the woman's identity are asked to contact the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rzeszów at 13 Jagiellońska Street, by phone at 47 821 3224, or with the officer on duty at 47 821 3311 or 112 .

Main photo source: KMP in Rzeszów

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