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Szczecin. He abused his wife and stepson. He will appear in court

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Being under the influence of alcohol, he allegedly started fights, insulted, threatened to kill and mentally abused his wife and stepson. He faces up to five years in prison.

If you are experiencing emotional problems and would like advice or support, here you will find a list of organizations offering professional help. In a situation of immediate threat to life, call 997 or 112.

The prosecutor submitted an indictment to the District Court for Szczecin – Prawobrzeże i Zachód against a man who, in the period from January 2023 to early April 2023 in Szczecin, allegedly mentally and physically abused his wife. Being under the influence of alcohol, he allegedly violated her bodily integrity, started unfounded fights, made threats to kill her, demonstrated the use of a knife, and caused her minor bodily injuries.

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Additionally, he allegedly physically and mentally abused his stepson, insulting him and causing him minor injuries.

Article 207 § 1. Whoever physically or mentally abuses a close relative or another person in a permanent or temporary relationship of dependence on the perpetrator, or a minor or a person who is helpless due to his or her mental or physical condition, shall be subject to the penalty of imprisonment for a term of 3 months. up to 5 years old

The man was arrested. He pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. At the prosecutor’s request, the court imposed temporary arrest on him, which continued on the day of the indictment.

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The suspect had previously been convicted in court for physical or psychological abuse of his closest relatives.

“We cannot remain indifferent to the phenomenon of domestic violence. If you are a victim of domestic violence or a witness to it, do not hesitate to inform the policei. For the sake of the health and life of you and your loved ones, do not allow the perpetrator to go unpunished. Victims of domestic violence are often left to their own devices and endure violence from their loved ones for many months or even years. Let’s not be afraid to react and report such situations. You need help? Call 112, contact your district officer, or report your problem to the nearest social welfare center,” the police reminds.

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