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Tesla Cybertruck. The company sells stickers imitating broken glass

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In 2019, a serious mishap occurred during the presentation of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck. Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen threw a metal ball at the supposedly unbreakable armored glass and… shattered it. Now the company has decided to make money on it.

When Cybertruck entered the stage in Hawthorne, California in November 2019, viewers initially couldn’t believe that this was the car they came to see. And they saw an angular steel vehicle, straight from the set of a futuristic movie from the 1980s.

A mishap during a presentation

Tesla boss Elon Musk said during the show that the exterior of the vehicle is made of a newly developed stainless steel alloy. The same material is used in SpaceX rockets. The car is therefore “literally bulletproof” and cannot cope with at least smaller firearms, including a 9 mm pistol.

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As proof of his words, Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s long-time chief designer, came on stage and hit the body with a large hammer. Effect? No damage or dents.

But the second demonstration did not go as planned by the organizers. Von Holzhausen threw a metal ball at the supposedly unbreakable armored glass and… broke it. “Oh my God,” Musk shouted. – But the bullet didn’t go through – he added shyly.


Production has started

This week, Cybertrucks were delivered to the first customers. Prices for the car start at $60,990. However, this version will only be available in 2025. More expensive versions cost $79,990 and $99,990 (the so-called Cyberbeast). The range of the vehicles will be 402 km, 547 km and 515 km, respectively.

The Cybertruck, which is two years behind schedule, enters the hot and highly profitable pickup truck market to compete with the likes of the Ford F150 Lightning, Rivian Automotive R1T and General Motors’ Hummer EV.

Sticker with a broken window

Tesla decided to make extra money on the mistake from a few years ago and started selling a sticker imitating a broken window on its website. It was specially designed to fit the Cybertruck’s window. It costs $55 and is placed on the rear left side window.

According to the company, the product sold out quickly. However, it is not known how many stickers were sold.

A sticker imitating a broken windowtesla.com

Main photo source: tesla.com

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