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“The time has come and gone for this”

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Elections to the British Parliament must be held no later than January 2025. The certainty about one thing is growing every day: the Conservative Party should expect defeat. The latest clue is the result of the local elections, which she lost resoundingly. The current opposition has reasons to be happy. And the Tories? There is work to be done, admits Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. His party colleagues claim that it is too late to change the leader.

These are the big winners and – as they say about themselves – the future of Great Britain. – We broke the bank, we won in every constituency. Blackpool turned red. People want Labor, they want Starmer at 10 Downing Street, says Chris Webb, a Labor member of the House of Commons.

The British Labor Party is calling on Rishi Sunak to call an early general election after defeating the Conservatives in local elections. The opposition leader says this is a de facto vote of no confidence in the current government.

– This was a race where voters had the chance to send a message directly to Rishi Sunak's Conservatives. People are fed up with chaos and division. They want changes, comments Keir Starmer, member of the House of Commons and leader of the opposition Labor Party.

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When will the parliamentary elections take place?

Of the 11 mayoral elections, politicians from the country's ruling party won only one. In London, the current Labor mayor, Sadiq Khan, not only secured his third term in office, but also received a higher percentage of votes than before. – We are ready to form a new government, we are waiting for new parliamentary elections to be called – says Khan.

The party led by Prime Minister Sunak may soon move to the opposition after 14 years in power, according to press agencies. National parliamentary elections must be held no later than January 2025, but will most likely be held in autumn this year. “It is, of course, disappointing to lose good, hard-working local leaders. I am grateful to them for all their service in local government, keeping taxes low and working for the local community, said Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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Even before the elections, there was speculation that a possible defeat of the Tories could result in the dismissal of the Prime Minister. But now even his leading critics admit that such a move may be too late.

– We cannot change our leader. Changing the leader now won't work: the time for that has been and passed. We fell into the hole from which we have to get out, thanks to the Prime Minister, and it's time for him to start climbing out of it – comments Suella Braverman, member of the Conservative Party and MP in the House of Commons.

The Tories are still struggling with the effects of Brexit

On the other hand, there are voices behind the scenes that after such a dismal failure, few people would want to take the helm of the sinking ship. – It will be a choice: we offer the British a man who has a plan that will develop the economy and defend our country. On the other side there is a group of people without a plan, idea or anything, says David Cameron, former Prime Minister from the Conservative Party.

According to polls, the Conservatives have been losing more than 20 percentage points to the Labor Party, which has been ongoing for many months. The Tories face huge challenges. Not only are they torn by internal divisions, but they are still struggling with the effects of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. Two years ago, inflation on the islands rose to the highest level in over 40 years and amounted to 11.1 percent, which contributed to a significant increase in the cost of living for citizens.

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