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They have a long list of accusations against the authorities, which is why they went to the Million Heart March

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They are fed up with lies, harassment and poisoning their minds with hatred, they want to be in Europe and want to feel free – say participants of the Million Hearts March in Warsaw. They emphasize that they went on the march not for one party, but for the future, and in the name of the values ​​they consider the most valuable.

Teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors and representatives of many other professions from all over Poland say exactly the same thing: that they are afraid of losing their freedom. – They tell us how to live, and we want to live our own way – says Mr. Marek, a participant of the Million Hearts March from Przemyśl. Mrs. Beata, who came to Warsaw from Świnoujście for the march, has a similar opinion. – So that you can say whatever you want in this country – says the woman.

Mr. Waldek from Działoszyn, in turn, is hurt that the politicians in power are stealing Poland. Mr. Zbyszek and Darek say that they feel that they are surrounded by omnipresent lies – for example about blocked European funds. However, Mr. Jacek does not like the fact that those in power do not respect people who work hard. A march participant points out that what PiS says is an illusion. – Just do the math, taxes are not lower – says the man.

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Mikołaj, a doctor from Warsaw, is afraid that Poland will fall out of the European Union. As he says, I treat the EU as my second homeland. – I grew up in the European Union, I grew up in Schengen, I grew up European – he emphasizes.

A group of march participants from Bytów are afraid of the same thing. As they say, they cannot stand the harassment of others – including immigrants and Germans. A march participant from Świnoujście has a similar opinion. – There has never been such venom before – says the woman.

Million Heart March Czarek Sokolowski/Associated Press/East News

They say they want change

Mrs. Dąbrówka from Krzesiny near Poznań is a mathematics teacher and is also not satisfied with the current situation in the country. – We are an underestimated electorate – he points out. Mrs. Agnieszka is from Reszel in Warmia. She was shocked – as she says – by the tightening of the law on abortion. In turn, Mrs. Katarzyna from Kalisz believes that people in Poland have changed and the authorities are poisoning their minds. – I came here to be among normal, smiling people. I remember that it was like that in Poland a few years ago, he says.

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Mrs. Marta, who came to Warsaw from Michałowice for the march, has an appeal to people voting for PiS: we are different, but let’s all give ourselves the opportunity to live the way we want. Mr. Robert from Reszel also has a message for the voters of Jarosław Kaczyński’s party. – More logical thinking, not just that if they give it to us, it’s good. But what will happen in five or ten years? Who will work for all this in ten years? – says the man.

However, each participant of the march spoke primarily about the need to vote. – My slogan, although I don’t go, I always vote – emphasizes Mr. Sebastian, who uses a wheelchair.

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