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Tomasz Trela: Adam Glapiński saw that the ground was burning under his feet

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Barbara Nowacka (KO) and Tomasz Trela ​​(Left) were Monika Olejnik’s guests in “Kropka nad i”. The MPs referred to a motion that would allow the head of the NBP, Adam Glapiński, to be brought before the State Tribunal. We want the central bank and its president to cooperate with citizens for the financial stability of the state, not with the government, said Nowacka. According to Trela, Glapiński saw that he might be losing ground and that is why his latest press conference “lasted twenty minutes, not two hours.” The MPs also commented on the departure of General Szymczyk and the draft wind farm bill.

– Mr. Glapiński is famous for his poor sense of humor and unfortunately he proves it to us once again by talking about how apolitical he is. He acted directly on behalf of PiS, in line with PiS’s party interests, to the detriment of public finances and to the detriment of Poland. There will be consequences for this. Today, PiS politicians are making nervous moves, but I would like everyone to know that things such as the politicization of the National Bank of Poland cannot be let go and forgotten, she said. Barbara Nowacka.

– Just don’t let him (Glapiński – ed.) make us laugh. We do not want the National Bank of Poland and its president to cooperate with the government. We want him to cooperate with citizens for the financial stability of the country, she added.

Barbara Nowacka and Tomasz Trela ​​in “Kropka nad i”TVN24

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“Glapiński saw that the ground was burning under his feet”

Tomasz Trela ​​was asked what he thought about bringing Adam Glapiński before the State Tribunal. He admitted that he supported this idea. – I am a strong supporter of preparing an application for Adam Glapiński to the State Tribunal. The Constitution states very clearly that the National Bank of Poland is an independent institution and the president of the NBP is an independent president. We know perfectly well what Adam Glapiński did. He was dependent on Jarosław Kaczyński and from Law and Justice. Instead of protecting the interest of the Polish zloty, he protected and cared for the interests of Law and Justice, he said.

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He referred to today’s conference by Adam Glapiński. – The conference I watched today was short and to the point, unlike before. When Glapiński saw that the ground might be falling under his feet, the conference lasted twenty minutes instead of two hours. Such numbers are really not with us. We don’t fall for such cheap, shoddy tricks. We will work on the application to the State Tribunal, Trela ​​announced.

The conference of the President of the National Bank of Poland lasted exactly 27 minutes.

Trela ​​on investigative commissions: Jacek Sasin cannot be a judge in his own case

The guests of “Kropka nad i” were asked about the composition of the investigative committees and whether they would strongly oppose any of the candidacies of Law and Justice politicians. – They certainly can’t sit on committees Jacek SasinJarosław Kaczyński or Mateusz Morawieckibecause they will be called to testify before the commission, said Nowacka.

Tomasz Trela ​​also noted that some PiS politicians will testify and cannot be “judges in their own case.” – Certainly, when it comes to the visa scandal, Zbigniew Rau cannot sit on the committee. Jacek Sasin also cannot be a judge in his own case and be on the committee elections envelopes – said the Left MP.

Nowacka on Szymczyk’s departure: it is a good day for the policeTVN24

Nowacka on the departure of General Szymczyk: it is a good day for the police

Barbara Nowacka referred to today’s departure from the position of Chief Police Commander of General Jarosław Szymczyk. “It’s a good day for the police,” she said.

– It must be said that we remember deaths at police stations and the tampering around these cases, hiding evidence, hiding the guilty and the reluctance to settle accounts within the police. Policemen and policewomen came to the opposition and said that they did not want to take part in the political stunt. They weren’t trained to protect the house of a terrified satrap. They believe in the mission. They do not earn as much as they would like and as they sometimes deserve, but they treat it as a mission and they are not there to hit children at protests – said the MP from the Civic Coalition.

– Police officers were often placed opposite their mothers, daughters and sisters. They were paid poorly, despised, and above all, they had a commander who did not respect the uniform. If he had any respect for the uniform, he would have resigned after the grenade launcher stunt. Today he passed away and it’s a good day for the police. The very good news is that it will be possible to rebuild the authority of the police, and policemen will finally be able to feel dignified, she added.

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“The political future of Mrs. Hennig-Kloski will probably be decided by Hołownia and Tusk”

Tomasz Trela ​​was asked whether the draft wind farm bill could ruin Paulina Hennig-Kloska’s candidacy for the Minister of Climate and Environment. – I don’t think the bill, which is at the consultation stage, will ruin anyone’s career. Of course, we draw conclusions from this communication error and such situations will not occur again. However, let us be aware that the project is not a law and can be changed, said Trela.

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– This design has been changed. Mr. Szymon Hołownia and Prime Minister Donald Tusk will probably decide about the political future of Mrs. Paulina Hennig-Kloska – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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