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Trees and branches lay in the streets. Hungary is cleaning up after the storms

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On Friday, not only Poland was affected by dangerous weather conditions. Strong storms with downpours and gusty winds were also recorded in Hungary. Firefighters intervened more than a thousand times.

Friday night brought parts to the residents Hungarian very difficult weather. As reported on Saturday by the National Directorate-General for Disaster Management, firefighters intervened more than a thousand times. Even in the morning, more requests for help poured in.

According to local media, the greatest damage was recorded primarily in the west of the country. In addition to heavy rain and gusty winds, hail appeared in several regions.

Lots of damage

Calls after storms they mainly concerned uprooted trees and broken branches that blocked the streets. However, there were also interventions in the event of problems on railway tracks, in homes, or regarding damaged vehicles and broken power lines.

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In the village of Nyiregyhaza in the north-east of Hungary, a woman was trapped under a fallen tree. Firefighters managed to save her in time. In turn, in Szuhogy, a strong wind tore off a fragment of the roof sheathing of the cloakroom by the pitch.

According to press reports, the famous Mecsek car rally had to be stopped. However, the organizers promised that the races scheduled for Saturday will go ahead as planned.

The services warned

The Hungarian Meteorological Service has been warning about the possibility of heat and violent weather for several days. Together with the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, she appealed to the residents to observe safety rules, re-park vehicles parked under trees and prepare for possible flooding.

Meteorologists have announced that after the passage of a dangerous front, the weather will calm down and it will generally become cooler. Local storms were also forecast for the weekend, but less intense.

Main photo source: ENEX

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