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Turkey, earthquake. Polish firefighters pull the wounded out of the rubble. TVN24 reporter Paweł Łukasik reports

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TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik reported on Tuesday evening the course of the rescue operation conducted by Polish firefighters in one of the buildings in Turkey that collapsed as a result of the earthquake. The death toll from Monday’s earthquake on the border between Turkey and Syria now stands at more than 7,800, the AFP news agency reported on Tuesday evening.

Polish firefighters have been searching the building for many hours, said TVN24 reporter Paweł Łukasik, who reports on the course of the rescue operation after the earthquake in Turkeywhich took the lives of several thousand people. “They’re in contact with more people inside,” he added.

The reporter emphasized that the services are trying to act carefully so as not to provoke the collapse of ceilings and furniture. “They’re using dogs and geophones, anything that can make contact with people under the rubble,” he explained. “There are several places that firefighters are trying to get through,” he added.

Near the rubble, people are warming themselves by a bonfire waiting for their family members to be released. One of the men said that his family was located on the first floor. “We’re in contact with my cousin, he’s alive,” he said. “He’s cold and hungry, but we’re waiting, we’ve got to wait.”

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The Turks thank the Poles for their help in the rescue operationTVN24

“We are one team”

The man expressed his gratitude to the Poles for helping. – We were alone here, but Poles came and help us. We are very grateful for that,” he said. He added that there are still 50 people under the rubble – it is known that 10 people are alive and 5 are dead. The health of the others remains unknown.

– At this point, the 19-year-old boy was pulled out. Now we are starting the evacuation – said one of the Polish firefighters. He explained that his condition was good. “He will be transported to one of the hospitals in the area,” the reporter added.

Polish firefighters search the collapsed building

Polish firefighters search the collapsed buildingTVN24

During the report conducted by Paweł Łukasik, four people were pulled out of the rubble of the collapsed block of flats. – This is thanks to all the rescuers of the State Fire Service, specialized search and rescue groups that flew here from Poland. Job done. I think we’ve risen to the occasion,” said one of the firefighters.

– We are one team, without all these people there would be no success – another rescuer pointed to a group of people taking part in the action. – Dogs are indispensable here, then we possibly use geophones, sight cameras, knock, knock, make contact, and then proceed to action – another firefighter explained.

"We are one team"

“We are one team”TVN24

The death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria is rising

According to the French agency, 5,894 people died in Turkey, 1932 Syriagiving a total of 7,826 fatalities. World Health ORganisation (WHO) forecasts that this tragic balance may increase at least eightfold.

Earthquake in Turkey and SyriaPAP

According to AFP, the number of victims in Syria is expected to “significantly increase as hundreds of people remain trapped under rubble” in rebel areas, according to the White Helmets (civil defense volunteers). So far, a quarter of the deaths have been recorded in Aleppo, where about 50 buildings have collapsed.

Frantic efforts are underway in Syria and Turkey to rescue hundreds of people trapped under the rubble from Monday’s earthquake. Rescue operations are hampered by low temperatures, which means that the chances of survival of those buried are decreasing, Sky News notes.

Main photo source: TVN24

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