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USA, Donald Trump trial. The next day started with a $9,000 fine and the threat of arrest

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Donald Trump was fined nine thousand dollars for contempt of court during his trial over paying a porn actress to remain silent before the 2016 presidential election. The judge also warned the former US president that if he continued to violate the silence order – which prohibits him from criticizing people involved in the case – he could be subject to a “prison sentence”.

Tuesday is another day of the criminal trial of former US President Donald Trump. The case concerns the secret transfer of money to porn actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for silence about their relationship, so as not to harm the politician in the 2016 presidential campaign.

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Trump arrived at the courtroom in the morning local time. When the hearing began, Judge Juan Merchan ruled that Donald Trump had violated the order of silence and was found in contempt of court. He was fined one thousand US dollars for each contempt of court violation. There are nine in total, which means Trump will have to pay $9,000.

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Donald Trump's criminal trial has begun. “It's hard for him to keep himself in check”Marcin Wrona/Fakty TVN

Judge threatens 'prison sentence'

In a written order, the judge said the fine may not be enough to discipline the billionaire and lamented that he did not have the authority to impose a more severe penalty.

In the letter, Merchan stated: “The defendant is hereby warned that the court will not tolerate any willful breach of his legal obligations and that, if necessary and appropriate in the circumstances, it will impose a sentence of imprisonment.”

The judge warned of the possibility of using this measure if Trump continues to violate the order to remain silent on matters related to the case. Merchan placed the restriction on the politician to prevent Trump from criticizing witnesses, potential witnesses, jurors and others involved in the case.

Donald Trump in courtPAP/EPA/JUSTIN LANE

USA: another day of Donald Trump's criminal trial

USA: another day of Donald Trump's criminal trialMarcin Wrona/Fakty TVN

What does the fine apply to?

The contempt of court for which Donald Trump was punished concerns nine online statements made by the businessman. The judge found that in this way the businessman had violated the order of silence imposed on him.

Prosecutors demanded that Trump be fined $10,000 for 10 entries insulting potential witnesses and questioning the impartiality of the jury, but ultimately the court decided on a fine for nine violations committed by Trump. At Thursday's hearing, Judge Merchan is expected to consider whether to impose further penalties for other statements.

In addition, the judge overseeing the case ordered Trump to remove seven posts he considered offensive from the Truth Social platform and two from the website where he is campaigning for the US presidential elections.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/JUSTIN LANE

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