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USA. President Joe Biden announced new sanctions on Iran

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On Thursday, the president of the United States Joe Biden announced a new round of sanctions on Iran. As he announced in a statement, the sanctions apply to leaders and entities associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Iranian Ministry of Defense and the missile and drone production program.

“Together with the leaders G7 we are determined to work togetherto increase economic pressure on Iran. And our allies and partners have already announced or will announce additional sanctions and measures to curb Iran's destabilizing military programs,” Biden said.

USA. More sanctions on Iran

According to a statement from the US Ministry of Finance, in coordination with Great Britain restrictions were imposed on 16 people and two entities responsible for the production of drones and engines for these machines, as well as the Iranian automotive company Bahman Group, which supports the Revolutionary Guards. Additionally, the Ministry of Trade announced export controls designed to limit Iran's access to technology, including basic commercial semiconductors and microelectronics. These restrictions apply not only to products made in the USA, but also to those manufactured using American technology.

Meanwhile, the Department of State announced the imposition of additional restrictions regarding possibilities of movement of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs delegation as part of meetings in UN in New York. According to the new rules, diplomats can only move within a radius two blocks between the UN headquarters, the Iranian mission to the UN and New York International Airport. John F. Kennedy.

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Sanctions are announced against the background of American and Western pressure on Israel, not to respond too strongly to the Iranian missile attack in order to avoid a greater escalation of the conflict.

USA. Sanctions on Iran were planned earlier

A few days earlier, Reuters, citing the words of American security adviser Jake Sullivan, reported that United States are planning in the near future impose new sanctions on the Iranian program rocket and drone. The country expects its allies to follow suit.

Before Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen She said the U.S. would use sanctions to disrupt Iran's “malign and destabilizing activities.” During a conference in Washington, she announced that the option of disrupting “terrorist financing” by Iran was being considered.

Let us recall that the head of EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell, speaking in Brussels after an extraordinary videoconference of EU foreign ministers said that some member states have requested the extension of sanctions against Iran. Work on this topic was about to begin.

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