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USA. Robert De Niro compared Donald Trump to Hitler. “This guy is a monster”

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The outstanding American actor Robert De Niro gave an interview in which he spoke strongly about Donald Trump. He also admitted that he would never agree to play him. – Never. There is nothing in it, there is not a single thing in it that I could present as positive – said the actor who played the role of The Godfather.

Robert De Niro on Friday in the “11 Hour” program on the American news station MSNBC was asked, among others, about former US President Donald Trump. The Oscar winner said in an interview with journalist Stephanie Ruhle that he is a “really sick person” and a “monster.” When talking about why people support him, he cited the example of Nazi Germany. – I don't think people realize how dangerous it will be if he ever, God forbid, becomes president again. From a historical point of view, Germany had the same thing with Hitler. People don't take him seriously. He looks like a clown and acts like a clown. It was the same with Mussolini. This kind of people. “I don't know why they look like clowns,” De Niro said.

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De Niro: democracy is in danger

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The actor added that in his opinion “democracy is at risk”, but above all “the game is about what is good and what is bad”. – This guy is a monster. It's more than evil. He may do the most terrible things he can think of just to take it out on us. (…) It's damn terrifying – he said. He added that a second Trump term would mean “chaos beyond our imagination.”

Robert De Niro attacks Donald TrumpX

The Godfather's actor also admitted that he would never agree to play Donald Trump. – Never. There's nothing about it, there's not a single thing about it that I could present as positive, he said.

Robert De Niro on Joe Biden

The actor was also asked what he thinks about American stars who do not want to get involved in political matters like he does. De Niro did not criticize them directly, but said that “people have to get involved or we will wake up in a world that is very scary.” – When I was a child, I thought that Hitler was a nightmare that would never happen here (in the United States – ed.). But now I see that it is possible, he added. Finally, he said that there was “no choice” but to support Joe Biden. The actor emphasized that the current US president is a “decent guy” who “tries to behave properly.” He also gave him advice on how he should deal with Trump in the election campaign. – Don't be afraid of him. Fight him. (…) Punch him in the face, figuratively speaking, he said.

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