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Venezuela. Hidden US bases? Nicolas Maduro points out

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Nicolas Maduro, in an appeal to the soldiers, said that during the maneuvers, held under the slogan: “Essequibo is ours”, a threat to the country's security was detected.

He specified that so far, Venezuelan services have detected 26 American military bases near the border, where – as he emphasized – CIA agents are also active.

Venezuela. US bases in the country?

“This is where war is being prepared,” he said Nicolas Maduro, adding that 12 of the discovered bases belong to the CIA. More than 4,000 Venezuelan soldiers are taking part in the exercises related to the disputed Essequibo region.

Despite the agreement concluded in January by Venezuela and Guyana on a peaceful resolution of the conflict over the oil-bearing Essequibo region located within the latter's borders, the regime in Caracas is systematically sending more and more forces to its vicinity.

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Information about the increasing presence of Venezuelan soldiers was first confirmed in February by the Guyanese media, as well as journalists from CNN Brasil, referring to satellite photos.

On December 4, 2023, Maduro announced that the authorities in Caracas would recognize referendum organized the day before regarding the annexation of Essequibo to Venezuela as binding. He added that his country rejects the ruling of international arbitrators from 1899, who established the borders when Guyana was still a British colony.

Guyana and Venezuela. Exercises announced

Venezuela's interest in the Essequibo region, which constitutes two-thirds of Guyana's territory, increased when in 2015 rich deposits of oil and natural gas were discovered there.

Two days after the referendum, Maduro called on state mining companies to start exploiting natural resources deposits in Essequibo. He also announced a number of actions aimed at taking over this area by Venezuela, including: issuing Venezuelan identity documents to the local population.

In response to the decisions of the regime in Caracas, the Guyanese authorities announced the start of military exercises near the border with Venezuela.

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