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Wałbrzych. Shepherd dog tied to the gate of the shelter, left in the cold and snow

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Someone tied a young German Shepherd to the entrance gate of an animal shelter in Wałbrzych (Dolnośląskie Voivodeship) and left him in the snow. If it wasn’t for random passers-by who notified the shelter staff, the dog could have spent the whole night in the cold. – We will not leave it like this, we have our leads, we will refer the case to law enforcement – declares the manager of the facility.

On Saturday, around 3:20 p.m., a German Shepherd dog was spotted by a group of people walking around. He was tied to a chain hanging from the entrance gate to the animal shelter. Passers-by called the emergency number, and a shelter worker arrived shortly thereafter.

Someone tied the shepherd to the gate of the shelterShelter for Homeless Animals in Wałbrzych

Recorded by surveillance

– Our shelter is quite far from residential buildings, the road leading to it is rather rarely used. Sometimes there are some runners or walkers. None of our employees were at the shelter at the time. Fortunately, we were quickly notified and, according to the monitoring recordings, the dog spent about half an hour outside. And the conditions were very unfriendly, cold, falling snow – says Michał Niewiadomski, manager of the shelter in Wałbrzych.

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As Niewiadomski describes, the recording shows two people who clearly came to the gate of the shelter with the intention of abandoning the dog. They didn’t try to call or knock.

“These are disgraceful, unacceptable, condemnable practices. Abandoning an animal is prohibited by Polish law. We won’t leave it like this. After posting the information on social media, several people contacted us. We have our leads, we will refer the case to law enforcement authorities – says the shelter manager.

The dog will be up for adoptionShelter for Homeless Animals in Wałbrzych

After quarantine for adoption

So far, little is known about the dog himself, other than that he is a young male. Like any new animal at the shelter, it has been quarantined for 14 days, during which it will be monitored for potential diseases or dangerous behavior.

“So far we haven’t seen anything like that.” He’s a nice, energetic dog, it’s a pity that he stays with us for longer. After two weeks of quarantine, he will be prepared for adoption, concludes Niewiadomski.

Main photo source: Shelter for Homeless Animals in Wałbrzych

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