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War in Ukraine. Olaf Scholz on peace with Russia: Many countries are discussing it

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A full-scale war has been going on for over two years Ukraine This is a huge challenge for the authorities in Kiev, but also for other countries involved in helping those attacked by Russia you. World leaders have repeatedly emphasized that any peace agreement is only possible if it is concluded taking into account all Ukraine's expectations and without agreeing to any concessions to the aggressor.

The issue of a ceasefire is regularly raised by the authorities in Slovakia and Hungary, emphasizing that they do not intend to engage in military support for Ukrainians.

Ukraine's peace agreement with Russia? Olaf Scholz comments

About the conversations that are ongoing on this topic, the German Chancellor said in an interview with the daily “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung”. Olaf Scholz. He revealed that both Ukraine and “many countries” are discussing currently at the level of security advisors about “what form something might take.” would lead to the initiation of a peace process“.

The German Chancellor also reminded that various mediation initiatives have appeared many times over the last few months. He also pointed to direct talks between Russia and Ukraine, which the Kremlin used to improve its military situation.

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Olaf Scholz also noted that the war could end quickly. – However, I would like to make it clear that peace is possible at any time. Vladimir Putin he just needs to stop his barbaric military campaign and withdraw his troops, he said.

Germany and the war in Ukraine. “We will do everything to prevent escalation”

The Chancellor was also asked about support for Ukraine and long-range missiles Taurus. Scholz said he had to take responsibility in such matters. He pointed to the issue of war and peace in Europe and emphasized that, apart from decisive help for Ukraine, “only one thing” was important to him. – We will do everything, to prevent the escalation of the war, including the war of Russia and NATO – he said.

Neither will we send our soldiers to Ukraineand with each arms delivery we will carefully consider what it means in this context (in the context of the risk of escalation – ed.), Scholz added.

Source: “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung”

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