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War in Ukraine. The Russians are increasing their pace. ISW: They want to get there before help from the US

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As analysts of an American think tank point out, according to the latest geolocation reports, Russian units are located in the Avdiivka area approximately 30 kilometers from the probable operational target, the city of Pokrovsk.

Massive attacks are also reported in the vicinity of Czasiwy Jar. The Russians are already on the eastern edge of the city, constantly pressing and trying to push the Ukrainian units out of their defensive positions. However, according to experts, it is difficult talk about a quick success due to the effective defensive actions of the Ukrainians.

As it was emphasized, Russian forces most likely received an order to accelerate their actions due to the already commenced deliveries of military aid from United States. According to politicians' announcements, this is to take place in an extremely short time, which could practically block Russian offensive activities.

War in Ukraine. Pentagon on aid for Ukraine: We have started the process

About the very fast pace of implementation of military aid for Ukrainy he said, among other things, spokesman Pentagon Patrick Ryder. During a press briefing for journalists, he admitted that the first works related to deliveries are already underway.

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– We have already started the process of transferring some of the weapons, ammunition and equipment that, as I mentioned earlier, They'll be there in a few days, if not sooner – he said.

– When it comes to basic resources such as ammunition, We are already starting to deliver them – added.

The US announced that the first aid package would include equipment worth one billion dollars. These are mainly artillery ammunition and air defense missiles. Ukraine is also to receive ATACMS ballistic missiles with a range of 300 km.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the US Senate for passing a new law on military and economic aid for his country.

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“Better Poland”. Fogelman: Europe must switch to war mode/Polsat News/Polsat News

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