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Warsaw. Changes in Białołęka. Buses return to the unlucky roundabout

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Three bus lines running through Zielona Białołęka will change routes. As the capital city hall assures, the reorganization will make it easier for residents to get to the city center. This is possible thanks to the opening of the roundabout at the intersection of Ostródzka and Zdziarska Streets. The deadline for commissioning the investment was postponed due to financial problems of the contractor.

The eastern part of Białołęka is one of the fastest growing areas of the city. With the increase in the number of inhabitants, it is necessary to introduce changes in the network of bus connections.

From September 8, the Public Transport Authority, in cooperation with the district authorities, will introduce changes to the line 134, 226 and 326. “The buses will return to Ostródzka Street (near the intersection with Zdziarska), and soon they will serve new housing estates at G. Verdiego. Buses from line 326 will take a longer route – developed in public consultations on the communication system after extending the route of the M2 metro line – and will arrive from eastern Białołęka to the second metro line. ZTM assures that it will carefully monitor whether the introduced route corrections work,” we read in a statement from the capital city hall.

Unlucky roundabout and changes from September 8

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The construction of the roundabout at the intersection of Ostródzka and Zdziarska streets is an investment long awaited by the district’s residents, which encountered many problems. Although the road builders signed a contract for the design documentation already in 2017, they had to suspend the work due to the planned investment of waterworks in the same place. The tender was announced in 2021.

The selected company, however, fell into financial difficulties and was unable to complete the construction within the deadline set for October 2022.

With the opening of the roundabout, buses return to this area. The following stops will operate again: Zdziarska-Kanał 01, Mańki-Wojdy 51, 52 and 04. Changes regarding the following lines:

134: OLESIN – Kobiałka – Ruskowy Bród – Zdziarska – Ostródzka – … – MARYMONT METRO; 226: ZDZIARSKA-KANAŁ 01 – Zdziarska – Ruskowy Bród – a new street being an extension of Jarzębinowa Street – a new street being an extension of Mańkowska Street – Mańkowska – Fajna – Mochtyńska – Ostródzka – Toruńska – Łabiszyńska – Kondratowicza – METRO BRÓDNO; 326: METRO MARYMONT – … – Płochocińska – Kobiałka – Ruskowy Bród – Zdziarska – Ostródzka – Toruńska – Łabiszyńska – Kondratowicza – METRO BRÓDNO. 314 and N14: Restoration of the permanent route running straight ahead – along Ostródzka Street.

The result of consultations with residents are also changes on line 326, which will provide residents of the Ruskowy Bród street area with a direct connection on weekdays to the second metro line at the Bródno station, and on Ostródzka street they will complement the offer of line 226. The buses will stop in the vicinity of primary schools no. 361 and No. 31. “At the same time, thanks to the introduction of this line’s operation also outside peak hours, the service of the Regaty estate and Płochocińska Street will be improved,” the town hall sums up.

Changes in the routes of buses running through BiałołękaUM Warsaw

Further changes after the completion of the street. Verdi

However, this is not the end of the changes. “Soon, after the opening of the entire G. Verdi Street to traffic, buses of the line 120, 134 and 226 They will follow changed routes, serving new areas of green Białołęka – they will be directed along the street in the immediate vicinity of large housing estates,” explains the city hall.

There are four stops along the street: Pucciniego 01 and 02 (at the intersection with G. Pucciniego, near the entrance to Papcio Chmiel Primary School No. 361) and Os. Zielona Dolina 01 and 02 (before the intersection with the street which is an extension of Jarzębinowa Street).

Thanks to line 120, the residents of the estates will gain direct access to the Kondratowicza metro station and the Eastern Railway Station. “Residents of the estate at G.Verdiego Street will be closer to buses on line 134 – previously they had to walk all the way to the stop at Zdziarska. With this line they will be able to travel directly to Marymont to the first metro line, and on weekends also to the second line, to the Bródno station. The connection with the Primary School No. 361 at Ruskowy Bród Street will be maintained,” the town hall reports.

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Director of ZDM about changes in Puławska TVN24

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