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Warsaw. Changes on Mokotowska Street. Pedestrians regained the sidewalk

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Until recently, part of the sidewalk along Mokotowska Street was occupied by cars. Now pedestrians have regained all of this space, and drivers have parking spaces on the road at their disposal. Despite the changes, the street is still two-way.

In mid-April, road workers introduced changes to Mokotowska Street. “Pedestrians on sidewalks, cars on roads – this rule has worked very well for years,” they explained in the release. According to it, now on the section between Plac Zbawiciela and Koszykowa (except for a short fragment just before the intersection with Koszykowa Street), cars can only be parked on the road.

“The changes concern the western side, where until now pedestrians had only a narrow piece of sidewalk at their disposal. It was definitely not enough to comfortably and freely walk along this charming street,” described the Municipal Roads Authority. On the eastern side, parking on the road has been in force for several years.

Mokotowska before and after the changes Google Maps/ZDM

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Thanks to the changes, pedestrians have access to the entire sidewalk, also during the “garden” season. “In the warmer months, restaurant gardens occupied the part of the sidewalk intended for parking. After the changes, they will no longer occupy the sidewalk at all,” ZDM emphasized.

However, drivers have no reason to worry. As the road workers assured, the number of parking spaces will not change. “Moreover, Mokotowska Street is still two-way on this section. It can be said that in this situation everyone wins,” they added.

Mokotowska before and after the changes Google Maps/ZDM

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This is not the first such change and it will not be the last

Odyńca Street underwent the same changes a few years ago. Parking there has also been moved from the sidewalk to the road. “Then pedestrians regained their space, and after the change, 64 legal parking spaces were created,” ZDM added. Even earlier, Dobra, Lindleya and Madalińskiego streets underwent similar changes.

Road engineers assured that these will not be the last streets where parking will be moved from sidewalks to the road. “These types of changes bring a number of benefits. First of all, for pedestrians. However, drivers can also benefit from it, because such a procedure often increases the number of available places,” they calculated.

Mokotowska before and after the changes Google Maps/ZDM

Moving parking onto the road also tidies up public space. It is also an opportunity to replace expanses of concrete with greenery, which happened in the case of Marszałkowska Street. “By moving the parking lot to the newly built bays on the section between Bankowy Square and Żelazna Brama Square, we have increased the space for pedestrians and built a new bicycle path, and we have also managed to create space for new trees,” the road designers emphasized.

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Main photo source: Google Maps/ZDM

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