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Warsaw. Confiscation of cars from drunk drivers. How many cars ended up in the police parking lot?

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Drivers had to part with 55 cars. They were confiscated by the police, based on new regulations that came into force on March 14. These are drunk people who got behind the wheel. Some of these cars went to “trustworthy people”.

By April 19, police officers in the capital garrison confiscated a total of 55 vehicles from drunk drivers and handed 19 over to “trustworthy persons” for safekeeping.

Who is such a person? As Deputy Commissioner Jacek Wiśniewski from the Warsaw Police Headquarters explains, the legislator did not clearly define who can be considered a trustworthy person. However, it must guarantee the successful fulfillment of the guarantee function. – The act does not specify the characteristics that this person must have, but is limited to stating that he or she must be trustworthy, i.e. one who can be relied upon and trusted – he specifies. A “trustworthy person” must not have had a previous conflict with the law or have a criminal record,

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Wiśniewski explains that it may be a person who guarantees that he will influence the accused in such a way that he will respond to every summons and will not unlawfully obstruct criminal proceedings.

– He must have high authority not only in the eyes of the accused, but also of the procedural authority. It is up to him to assess whether, due to his social position and other values, he is able to influence the accused in the desired direction – adds Wiśniewski.

Vehicles are placed in a deposit parking lot

Where do confiscated cars go? The Warsaw Police Headquarters has a deposit parking lot. It is located at Włochowska Street. The police station also has parking lots, which it uses under four signed contracts. They are located in Góra Kalwaria, Wołomin and Mińsk Mazowiecki, as well as Marki, but this location serves the Wołomin district.

The police do not have precise data on the value of the most expensive confiscated vehicle. When it comes to preventive measures against drunk drivers detained by the police, their application is decided by the prosecutor's office or the courts.

When can police confiscate a car?

On March 14, regulations came into force enabling the confiscation of cars, including: drunk drivers. According to them, every drunk driver who has at least 1.5 per mille of alcohol in his blood will lose his car, regardless of whether he caused a road accident. Car forfeiture is also to be applied when the driver causes an accident with a blood alcohol content above the permille or in a situation of recidivism.

According to the applicable regulations, the forfeiture of the vehicle is obligatory, among others: in the event that the perpetrator of a catastrophe or accident resulting in death or serious bodily injury was intoxicated and the alcohol content in his body was higher than per mille.

The court may refrain from ordering the forfeiture of the vehicle only in cases justified by special circumstances.

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