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Warsaw. Difficulties at the Żaba roundabout and Wilanów. Road works, obstructions, detours

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In the last days of August, Warsaw tram drivers will repair the track at the junction of Targówek and Praga-Północ. Drivers will face difficulties at the Żaba roundabout for a week. On the other hand, at the other end of the capital, in Wilanów, the reconstruction of the intersection of Przyczółkowa, Vogla and Branickiego streets is coming to an end. Difficulties await drivers and passengers of public transport.

New tracks at the Żaba roundabout

The tram drivers will devote the last week of August to replacing the rails at the Żaba roundabout. The works will be carried out in stages.

In the first place – from Saturday to Monday, that is on August 26-28 – they will replace the rails on the western side of the intersection and close a fragment of the road on the roundabout between both threads of Starzyńskiego Street. For drivers, this means that they will not go towards 11 Listopada Street at the intersection at this time.

Rondo Żaba – detour, stage one Warsaw City Hall

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In the following days, tram drivers will move to the track in the direction of Odrowąż, on the north side of the roundabout. They will work here from Tuesday (August 29) to Monday (September 4). During this time, drivers will have limited access to the intersection. On St. Wincenty, they will be required to turn right into Odrowąż. Only buses of the Warsaw Public Transport, taxis and vehicles of municipal services will be able to go straight on in one lane.

Rondo Żaba – detour, stage twoWarsaw City Hall

“In order to minimize the difficulties, the works on the Żaba roundabout have been coordinated with the restoration of tram traffic to the Annopol loop” – officials inform.

Difficulties and detours will apply to the line 1, 3, 4, 25 as well as 169, 212, N14 and N64. “During the works, buses of the replacement line Z-1 will run on the changed route between the Żaba roundabout and the Bródno metro station. In some courses, they will also reach the Żerań Wschodni terminus” – officials say in a release.

Changes in public transport Warsaw City Hall

Changes on Przyczółkowa Street

In turn, in Wilanów, the reconstruction of the intersection of Przyczółkowa, Vogla and Branickiego streets is underway. Two weeks ago, road builders occupied Przyczółkowa on the eastern side. Now they will work on the second lane of the road.

On Saturday (August 26) – as we read in the press release – they will close a fragment of Przyczółkowa towards Konstancin-Jeziorna. Drivers in both directions will use the road to the center – one lane in each direction.

Przyczółkowa Street – detour of the closed sectionWarsaw City Hall

Passage from one side of the road to the other will be possible thanks to previously made lacings. Buses all day Saturday 263 will run according to a special timetable, with a changed route. They will bypass the so-called Miasteczko Wilanów, driving along the Southern Bypass of Warsaw and Przyczółkowa Street.

Minor disruptions are also expected in the work area on Friday (August 25) and Sunday (August 27). Then the traffic can be directed manually by an authorized person. Upon completion of the works, the contractor will restore the previous traffic organization and will prepare for the implementation of permanent markings

Deputy Mayor Olszewski on bicycle investmentsMateusz Szmelter/tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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