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Warsaw. Machete attacks on random people. Charges and arrest

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On Saturday, the Warsaw-Żoliborz District Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation into the case of a 37-year-old who attacked random people in Bielany and Wola on Friday, said prosecutor Szymon Banna. The man was charged with six charges. It was determined that he may also have committed other assaults. He was temporarily arrested.

The man was detained on Friday afternoon by officers of the Prevention Department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

The man was sober at the time of his arrest. Evidence was seized, including a machete, pepper spray and a telescopic baton, as well as surveillance equipment, which is being inspected. The victims were interrogated.

They brought six charges against him

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Prosecutor Banna said that after being brought to the Warsaw-Żoliborz District Prosecutor’s Office, the detainee was charged with six charges.

Three of them concern events that took place on Friday and are charges of attempted murder, attempt to cause serious bodily injury and violating the bodily integrity of one of the victims by using gas.

Moreover, according to the spokesman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, the procedural activities conducted in this case allowed it to be established that this man was the perpetrator of other attacks that occurred in September this year in Warsaw.

The police detained a 37-year-old man suspected of the attacks in WarsawKSP

Therefore, he was also charged with three more charges – violating the bodily integrity of one person and causing slight bodily harm to two people by using pepper spray. Due to the fact that these attacks occurred without any reason and in a public place, the prosecutor classified them as hooligan offenses.

The suspect faces up to life in prison

The suspect gave his explanation on Saturday. The acts charged against the suspect are punishable by life imprisonment.

Due to the need to secure the proper course of the proceedings, the prosecutor submitted a request to the District Court for Warsaw-Żoliborz to apply pre-trial detention to the suspect for three months.

The District Court for Warsaw-Żoliborz accepted the prosecutor’s request and imposed temporary arrest for three months on a man who attacked random people in Bielany and Wola on Friday, said prosecutor Szymon Banna.

The prosecutor said that the court found that the evidence presented by the prosecutor’s office indicated a high probability of committing the acts he was accused of. The court – as Banna added – by imposing arrest, agreed with the prosecutor’s office that in the case there was a fear that the detained man might commit further crimes against life and health while free.

Manhunt after the attacks, he was detained in Wola

The attacks occurred on Friday morning. First, on Kochanowskiego and Broniewskiego streets, the 37-year-old used a machete against two people. A third victim also reported to the police, whom the same attacker allegedly gassed near Lasek na Koło.

The police started a search. About three thousand officers took part in them. The man was located in the mentioned forest, he pitched a tent in the bushes. A machete, a telescopic baton and a gas canister were found inside.

Main photo source: KSP

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