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Warsaw. Police intervention “on the boom”. The commandant’s reply

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The Warsaw Police Commander answered Senator Krzysztof Brejza’s questions on the police intervention against the Flying Brigade of the Opposition. During the operation, the officers looked from the boom into the apartment rented by the activists for about an hour. “The tactics of action, i.e. the absurd use of the boom, reportedly did not generate costs, apart from the costs associated with the operation of the police,” writes the senator.

Krzysztof Brejza sent a letter on this matter to the commander’s desk at the end of January this year. He recalled that it was about the intervention of January 10when the celebrations of the so-called the Smolensk monthly, organized on the 10th day of each month by circles close to PiS. They are often attended by the most important state officials, including the Prime Minister, ministers or the Speaker of the Sejm. PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński also appears, but he was absent during this ceremony. As a result, opposition activists who previously organized their happenings in parallel, usually blocked by the police, also resigned from participating.

This time, the services appeared in front of the tenement house where the Flying Opposition Brigade rented an apartment (about 200 meters from the Smolensk monument). They called the fire department to help. They used a ladder truck to peer into the activists’ premises on the second floor from the boom basket for about an hour. They reported on the course of an unusual intervention in social media. They considered it “Barejowska”, offered the policemen coffee and croissants. The officers refused to eat.

He asked the commander, “is it serious”

Brejza asked the commander how many officers “have been used to monitor the activities of the Opposition Flying Brigade”. The Senator wanted to know what formal activities the police officers performed with the boom, who gave the order, and what was the purpose of using the boom.

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The politician was also curious if the boom belonged to the police, and if not, what was the cost of renting it. At the end of the letter, he asked the commander directly: “Do you think it is serious, in your opinion, to follow the opposition activists from behind the window, using the boom?

As we read in the commandant’s response, shared on social media by the senator, the policemen “conducted activities aimed at verifying the premises”.

The commander explains: the policemen took the necessary actions to exclude potential threats. Paweł Dzierżak also added that the adopted “tactics of action did not generate additional costs beyond the costs related to the functioning of the police”.

The policemen visited the premises of the Flying Brigade of the Oppositionfacebook.com/LBOlotnabrygadaopposition

Earlier, the Ombudsman intervened

On February 16, Stanisław Trociuk, Deputy Commissioner for Human Rights, also commented on the intervention. According to the Commissioner for Human Rights, the actions of the officers “were not based on the law and constituted an interference with the sphere of civil rights and freedoms, including the constitutional right to the protection of private life”, and the police “have no right to preventively check the premises”. A letter in this regard was also sent to the Police Headquarters.

In response, the police provided the basis for their actions – m.in. article 15 sec. 1 point 9 lit. and the Police Act.

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl, Krzysztof Brejza, Twitter

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