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Warsaw. Prime Minister: the insurgents fought for the white and red, for the eagle

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki compared the fight of the Warsaw insurgents to the fight between good and evil. – An evil that wanted to destroy not only life, but also turn the entire hierarchy of values ​​upside down – he said on Tuesday at the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

On the 79th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, the Prime Minister laid flowers at the commemorative plaque dedicated to President Lech Kaczyński and at the “Montera” Bell commemorating the commander of the Warsaw District of the Home Army and the commander of the uprising, General Antoni Chruściel.

– One can ask whether the purpose of the uprising was just Poland or justice as such. Was the purpose of the uprising a free, sovereign Republic of Poland? Or maybe the goal of the insurgents who fought and gave their lives was a strong Poland, one that no one would be able to conquer, destroy or dismantle. Maybe the goal was even greater. Perhaps the goal was for Poland to be united, for it to be one, for national unification to be our sign, also a sign of our times – the times of the future for which the insurgents fought said the head of the government.

Prime Minister: It was a fight between good and evil

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He emphasized that the insurgents “fought for White and Red, for the Eagle, but above all it was a fight between good and evil.” – An evil that wanted to destroy not only life, to turn the entire hierarchy of values ​​upside down. For this, the insurgents also gave their lives, Morawiecki pointed out.

According to him, the time of the Warsaw Uprising was a time of “love for the homeland, it was a time of great love for other people, love for friends”. As he added, the insurgents say that “it was not difficult to go to the uprising”. – It was a great call of freedom, but also a call of love, which he pushed to this uprising. Love for the homeland and for the other man – said Morawiecki.

According to the Prime Minister, the Warsaw Uprising has consequences that were of great importance after the war and are of great importance today. – We do not know all the consequences of the Warsaw Uprising, we only know that it is constantly reborn. It is reborn in us. It sheds new light on past events. and into the future, into perspective, said Morawiecki.

As he noted, the great desire of the insurgents was for the nation to be strong and united in the fight for the highest ideals.

About 18,000 insurgents died during the fighting

In Warsaw, on August 1, 1944, about 40-50 thousand people took part in the fight. insurgents. The uprising, planned for a few days, lasted over two months. During the fighting in the capital, about 18,000 insurgents were killed and 25,000 wounded. The losses among the civilian population were enormous and amounted to about 180,000 dead. The surviving inhabitants of Warsaw, about 500,000, were expelled from the destroyed city, which was almost completely destroyed by the Germans after the uprising.

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“In order to lead to a turning point after five years of resistance, the uprising must break out”TVN24

Main photo source: PAP/Pawel Supernak

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