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Warsaw. Rafał Trzaskowski is the leader of the polls and a great interest of the services

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Rafał Trzaskowski enjoys great trust in opinion polls and equally great interest from the services. Prosecutors and agencies are knocking at the city hall every now and then, and the opposition does not believe in coincidences. Material of the program “Poland and the World”.

recent elections. Plan I had a plan to help PiS win action: “9 Clicks”. – These e-mails that have seen the light of day only seem to confirm this type of strategy of the rulers – comments the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski.

Scheduled press conferences of Law and Justice politicians – all aimed at the presidency of Rafał Trzaskowski. They were supposed to show one thing – mismanagement and mismanagement of the city. – It is enough to simply observe the president’s actions and omissions, and one can create an image of an absolutely tragic presidency – says Błażej Poboży, deputy minister of interior and administration and Warsaw councilor (PiS).

PiS politicians mention here the so-called the garbage scandal, the city hall’s policy towards drivers, or the one in the area of ​​educational infrastructure. – But I understand that Mr. President Trzaskowski has doubts about the fact that someone can run a campaign consisting in presenting a counter-candidate, a program and referring to it – says Jacek Dekora from Solidarna Polska.

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Agents at the capital city hall

Only according to the mayor of Warsaw, this is not the only thing. – In a normal country, it is one party that undermines the competence of the other party. It is normal. However, here we are dealing with an oiled machine of the entire state – assesses Trzaskowski.

– We have received eight thousand requests in pending cases – enumerated the vice-president of Warsaw, Michał Olszewski, in 2022. For a little over a year now, the city hall has received an average of about 600 requests per month. – 15 agents entered the capital city hall, searching and interrogating officials – he said at the time.

According to the capital city hall, the cases concern only criminal proceedings. These are demands made by prosecutors from various cities – from Szczecin to Katowice, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Internal Security Agency or the courts. – It has never been the case that every week some state service, some politicized state service, visits the town hall. It has never been the case to pass judgments before something is really clarified – believes the mayor of the capital.

The opposition is convincing – these are methods that PiS is using not for the first time.

Attempt to find anything on Trzaskowski

– There is such an absolute raid on the town hall and an attempt to find anything on Trzaskowski. We know it. The Brejz family experienced the same – comments Sławomir Nitras from PO. The opposition does not expect too large effects of the proceedings. – At the end, if it is squeezed out, it will turn out that these were provocations on the part of the services and such an action prepared by Kamiński – adds Nitras.

Rafał Trzaskowski has been happy for a long time most trusted by respondents. Right behind him are President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

– They’re trying hard to find something. They simply know that Trzaskowski is a great challenge for them, a great opponent, and they are simply afraid – says Barbara Nowacka (KO, Initiative Poland).

– Support for Rafał Trzaskowski is the highest, let me say it again – this is Donald Tusk’s main problem – indicates the deputy minister of internal affairs and administration Błażej Poboża.

Although PiS itself admits that it is not entirely sure what role Rafał Trzaskowski will ultimately play in the upcoming elections.

When asked whether the president of the capital believes that PiS could replace him with an election commissioner, Trzaskowski replies: – They scare all the time. I am not fearful.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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