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Warsaw. Rape and murder in Praski Park. What did the prosecutor's office do?

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The body of a naked woman was found in Praski Park by an employee of a cleaning company. She was raped and strangled. Although the crime took place almost two years ago, the killer is still at large. Investigators are analyzing files of similar stories from the last twenty years. Previously, they checked whether the same person attacked and killed a teacher in the Zdrowie park in Łódź.

At the beginning of August 2022, the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor's Office initiated an investigation regarding the murder and rape of a 47-year-old Moldovan citizen. The woman's body was lying in the bushes in Prague Park.

– To date, the perpetrator of the crime in question has not been identified – admits Norbert Woliński, spokesman for the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor's Office.

Witnesses are still being questioned in the case. – Genetic research materials are obtained, activities related to the analysis of monitoring and secured binary data are carried out by experts in the field of computer forensics – he says.

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– Moreover, in the course of the proceedings, an ongoing analysis of materials from preparatory proceedings regarding acts under Art. 197 § 1 of the Penal Code (rapes ed.) and from proceedings with a similar modus operandi committed in the jurisdiction of the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw over the last 20 years – he adds.

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They checked whether he had attacked earlier

Additionally, as we found out, the people who were involved in tracking down the perpetrator of the murder in Prague Park suspected that this case may be related to the drama that took place in December 2020 in Łódź. A 57-year-old teacher was murdered in the Zdrowie park. The perpetrator left biological traces at the crime scene, from which his DNA was obtained.

– Investigators dealing with the case in Warsaw contacted people responsible for chasing the murderer from Łódź – a person who knows the background of the investigation of the Łódź case tells us.

So far, it has not been possible to obtain a full DNA profile of the killer from Warsaw. – Comparative analysis of the genetic code of the killer from Łódź and DNA fragments of the perpetrator from Praski Park clearly showed that the crime was committed by two different men – adds our interlocutor.

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Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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