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Warsaw. The new route of the Constitution run on May 3. Route. records

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In this year’s edition, the well-known route of the Constitution of May 3rd will change. Participants will run around the New World. The organizers ensure that the new route is more spectacular and better refers to the events related to the adoption of the Constitution. Registration for the run starts on Wednesday, April 5, at 12 noon.

Registration for the competition will open on Wednesday, April 5 at 12 on the website of Bieg Konstytucji. The limit is four thousand people. Start of the race on May 3 at 10. Five minutes later, a Nordic walking group will set off on the route. The host of the event is the capital city of Warsaw, and the co-organizers of Active Warsaw and the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation.

– The Constitution Run on May 3 inaugurates the 31st edition of the Warsaw Running Triad. It is a run with a huge tradition, older than many competitors taking part in it today. At the same time, the event is constantly changing. This year, the competition will be held on a completely new route with the start and finish in Nowy Świat. Since spring, we have turned this street into a pedestrian promenade on weekends. I hope that on May 3, Nowy Świat will be attended by at least as many fans as participants of the run – said the deputy mayor of Warsaw, Renata Kaznowska, quoted in the release. – The routes of the runs held last Sunday in Paris and Berlin ended in the very tourist centers of these cities. It will be similar on May 3 in Warsaw, she added.

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Announcement of recordsCity Hall of Warsaw

A scenic and symbolic run route

The Constitution Run on May 3 is held over a distance of five kilometers, and the route itself is certified by PZLA. Runners have 55 minutes to cover the distance. The start and finish will be located in Nowy Świat. “The route is simple and very fast. The number of turns has been kept to a minimum, and the aesthetic qualities will satisfy even the most demanding tourists and history lovers” – the city hall assures in a release.

The beginning of the five-kilometer route is located at Nowy Świat. Immediately after the start, the runners will run to the General Charles de Gaulle roundabout and turn left into Aleje Jerozolimskie in the eastern direction. Then, on the right, they will pass the National Museum and the Polish Army Museum and run up the Poniatowski Bridge. After running off the bridge, they will make a U-turn at Washington Roundabout to return along the same route, but in the opposite lane. The finish line will be located at the start, at Nowy Świat Street.

Running of the Constitution on May 3City Hall of Warsaw

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The route symbolically refers to the Constitution of May 3. – The runners will run in both directions over the Poniatowski Bridge. The name of Prince Józef Poniatowski is inextricably linked to the events of 1791. Prince Józef belonged to the Assembly of Friends of the Government Constitution – explains the town hall.

– The route of this year’s Constitution Run is unique and exceptionally attractive. We got used to the start and finish in Powiśle over the years, but circumstances forced us to find a different solution this year. And I think that what we got in return is a worthy replacement for the scheme we have known for thirty years. The tour is not only spectacular, but strongly associated with the anniversary of May 3rd. After all, Prince Józef Poniatowski, whose name is given to the capital’s central bridge, was one of the heroes of the period of the Four-Year Sejm. It was his soldierly attitude that allowed the first fundamental law in the history of Europe to be adopted at all – says Marek Tronina, director of the “Warsaw Marathon” Foundation.

The competition opens the 31st edition of the Warsaw Running Triad. It also includes the Uprising Run and the Independence Run.

Main photo source: City Hall of Warsaw

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