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Warsaw. The senior got lost in Bródno. A resident of the estate and the city police helped find the house

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An 86-year-old man left his home to see a doctor, but he lost his orientation at the Jewish cemetery in Bródno. A woman living nearby took care of the senior citizen. It turned out that the man had memory loss. City guards then helped find his house.

An elderly man lost on a less frequented street was noticed by a resident of one of the houses adjacent to the Jewish cemetery in Bródno. “He didn't know where he was. He kept saying that he was 'going to the doctor', but he couldn't say anything more,” the city guard described the situation in a statement. The resident invited the senior to the garden of her house and called the city guards.

The intervention was undertaken by two officers from the 6th Regional Department. – When we arrived at Horodelska Street, we found an elderly man sitting on a chair taken from the house, under the care of the reporting person. The senior was clearly lost. He repeated that he had been to the doctor and on his way back he got lost. However, he could not tell us where he lived, said senior inspector Justyna Faltynowska, quoted by the city guard.

The ID card didn't help

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City guards started searching for a seniors' home. The man had a bag with documents and an ID card with him. The problem, however, was that the address on the ID card did not match the one in the documents. – We chose the address from one of the contracts in the bag because it had a fairly recent date. It was a good choice. When we arrived at the site, the senior visibly perked up and recognized his place of residence, the guard added.

Leaving the man at home, the guards asked neighbors to take care of the 86-year-old. The neighbors also promised to provide him with a special wristband with the contact numbers of his neighbor and sister.

The officers emphasized that having older people have a small item containing the contact phone number of a loved one to call in case of problems with the owner of the bracelet, makes it much easier to help people with memory loss.

Main photo source: Warsaw City Guard

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