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Weather in Poland. Forecast for early August. Cold and rainy, the worst at the seaside. “It’s going to be really bad”

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Those who are just starting their holiday at the Polish seaside have not been lucky with the weather. – What will happen in the north will sometimes be a scandal – said tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski in “You get up and know”. In the coming days, cool and even cold air is expected to flow, the heat will only “stroke” the southern regions. Rain and strong winds are also in the forecast.

– Unfortunately, the weather this week will be – to say the least – not good, sometimes it will be even disastrous, especially in the north of the country, because we will be under the influence of low pressures, atmospheric fronts, precipitation and cold air – said tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski on TVN24.

As he stated, “what happens in the north will sometimes be a weather scandal.”

Rainy last day of July by the sea

On Monday morning, a very wide rain zone enters Poland from the west, that’s why day in the western and northern regions the day will be cloudy and rainy.

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As Wasilewski explained, “the low that will be over Great Britain today (…) and its atmospheric fronts are the cause of today’s bad weather in the west and north of Poland”.

The bar situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

Cold in the north, warmer in the south

– Warm air from the Atlantic will flow in such a way that it should either avoid us or touch the south of Poland – said the tvnmeteo.pl presenter. Therefore, in these regions in the next few days it will be around 25 degrees Celsius. Lower temperatures can be expected by residents of the northern regions and vacationers in this part of the country. – A completely different air flows from the north, (…) which reaches, among others, our coast – he explained.

This is not the only portion of cold that will flow to Poland. As the presenter announced, behind the low from the British Isles “there will be a bigger blast of cold air this week”. Sometimes in the north, thermometers will only show 17-18 degrees C. Rainfall and strong winds are also forecast.

See also the long-term forecast for 16 days.

– The northern part of the country will often and will be affected by cold air masses flowing from the north, from the northwest, while the south of the country will be touched by warmer air – summed up Wasilewski.

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in Poland and EuropeTVN24

Main photo source: Adobe Stock/tvnmeteo.pl

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