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Weather in Poland. The flow of heat will be interrupted. A “wave of cooling and showers” awaits us

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After many calm and hot days, the weather will break, but only for a while. As the tvnmeteo.pl presenter Tomasz Wasilewski said, this change may be accompanied by cooling, rainfall and local storms.

We have been enjoying balanced weather in Poland for several days now.

– You can get the impression that after this summer, which was often very changeable, I think about July and August, a cool and calm summer has finally come. It’s a pity that now, after the holidays – said the presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, Tomasz Wasilewski, in the program “You get up and the weekend”.

The high will leave, the low will enter

The coming days will also bring us great weather stability. Wasilewski said that we owe this to the constant presence of high pressures over our part of the continent. There will be small gaps between the barometric systems that follow one after another, which will spoil the weather for a while. One of them will appear on Tuesday, for example.

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– Let’s start with the low, which is located today in western Europe, and with the high above western Russia. These two pressure systems interact with each other in such a way that they bring very warm air to us, actually from the south, or actually from the north of Africa. And that’s why the thermometers today will be 27 degrees in Poland, and in the context of tomorrow, forecasters are talking about 28 degrees in Central Europe. There’s just hot air flowing here, he said. The presenter added that this “stream” even touches the southern regions of Scandinavia.

This state of affairs will last until Tuesday. Then the Russian high will move further east, and the above-mentioned low will also begin to bring cold, north-western air masses to us.

– When the high pressure subsides, the front from the west will immediately take advantage of it (related to the low pressure – editor’s note). And he will move towards the east. Therefore, this current situation will change on Tuesday. When the high pressure leaves, it will take with it this wave of hot air, and cooling will come from the north-west – added Wasilewski. The presenter noted that this change will be temporary, because another high pressure will begin to form almost immediately and it will become sunny and warm again. – So this is a one-day wave of cooling and showers – he mentioned.

Wasilewski also said that this change may be accompanied by individual, local changes storms. They will not be as strong as they were a few weeks ago. September is generally warm and sunny.

The emergency situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

Forecasts for the coming months

The presenter also showed the forecasts of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management regarding the temperature in the coming months. As he explained, October may be “slightly warmer than average.” – It will probably be normal or around normal. Nothing will surprise us when it comes to temperature, he said.

November promises to be much warmer than the norm would indicate. The anomaly may be over 2 degrees Celsius. December and January are also warmer than average.

– If this forecast comes true, each of these months, both autumn and winter, will be warmer than usual to varying degrees. So, as was the case in previous years, we had very warm autumns and winters. Actually, no one knows what, this time of year, which is still so bland, it is very likely that it will be the same this year – he summed up.

Predictions for the coming months according to IMWMCMM IMGW/tvnmeteo.pl

You can see the entire interview with Tomasz Wasilewski here:


Main photo source: Shuterstock/tvnmeteo.pl

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