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Would Russia be defeated? The general of the Estonian army has no illusions

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Estonian General Martin Herem he is sure that in case of an attack by Russia Tallinn would win the war – reports the Estonian public broadcaster ERR.

– At the moment, I do not see a military threat directly beyond our border – said the military officer at the same time.

The Estonian general is sure. “We have people who are ready to respond quickly.”

Martin Herem argued that when the threat begins to grow, the country increases its defense capabilities and mobilizes. Herem assured that following the example of Ukraine, Estonia has time to prepare.

The officer said that if Estonia mobilizes 43 thousand soldiersit will cost the country almost two million euros a day. – It's not that much money. The Finns say that if they mobilize 250,000 people, the country may go bankrupt within a month, the general emphasized.

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In his opinion, it is crucial for Tallinn's security presence of the North Atlantic Alliance troops. – NATO does not retreat, but increases when signs of danger appear. Today we have specific people who come to Estonia, train and are ready to react very quickly, he explained.

According to the general Russia would need three yearsto prepare across Ukraine for another attack. The commander also believes that Moscow's goal would not be to win the war, but to “create tension” that could then be exploited.

Would Russia be defeated? “Victory is not the Kremlin's goal”

– The result (of the Russian attack – editor) may be our military victory – they have 20 thousand. dead on their side, and we only had a thousand on ours. But our military victory would be quite obscene, and most of you would say that the commander-in-chief was unwise and the politicians did not allocate enough resources – we would argue and accuse the Latvians and Germans of being too slow. This can be a goal Russia will use later – argued Herem.

According to the commander Estonia, Finland and Sweden – from the first minutes of possible aggression – they will be there control the situation in the Baltic Sea. The military also stated that enemy armed forces that enter Estonian territory will be stopped by infantry or tanks at the border with Russia.

– We will completely destroy all those who try to influence us from a distance of 50 or 100 kilometers, as is happening today in Ukraine! We will destroy them not in Rakvere or Narva, but in Ivangorod, Pechora or somewhere else. – assured Herem.

– The situation is not bad at the moment – we should not be afraid of the upcoming war, but rather that we will not prepare for it – concluded the military officer.

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