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Wschowa. The pursuit of a 21-year-old. He was blocked by a truck driver

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Lubuska police published a video of the pursuit of a 21-year-old driver who did not stop for control. The man was wanted and had to serve a sentence of nearly a year in prison. He managed to stop it safely thanks to the driver of a truck coming from the opposite direction, who blocked the speeding BMW.

On Wednesday, a police patrol from Wschowa noticed a white BMW on the streets of the city, whose driver resembled a wanted person. The man sped up when he saw the police car. The officers gave him signals to stop, but the driver ignored them and continued driving.

– At first, the man ran away through the streets of Wschowa, and then left the city, breaking a number of traffic regulations. More patrols were successively joining the chase – says Wioleta Dąbska, spokeswoman for the Wschowa police.

Officers chasing the BMW recorded a video documenting the last minute of the chase, on which you can hear communication between the patrol and the duty officer. The police kept their location up-to-date. It was a good time to stop.

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The truck driver blocked the BMW

On a section of a straight road in a built-up area, a bus was parked on the right side of the road. Two trucks were coming in the opposite direction. The driver of one of them – most likely seeing a BMW approaching him, followed by a police car on signals – slowed down, caught up with the bus and stopped his vehicle there, cutting off the fugitive’s further escape route.

BMW driver arrested after chaseLubusz Police

– The patrol secured the rear of the vehicle to avoid escaping the other way. After a while, the driver would be in the hands of uniformed officers. As the policemen typed, he was a 21-year-old resident of the Szlichtyngowa commune, wanted to serve an 11-month prison sentence. In addition, the man did not have a driving license, and the vehicle he was driving did not have technical examinations – Dabska enumerates.

The driver has already been jailed and will face another five years behind bars.

Main photo source: Lubusz Police

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