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Żuromin. Five people have already lost their lives due to fentanyl overdoses

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Fentanyl is death and that must be remembered. Because young people think it's cool. Only in the small town of Żuromin in Masovia, as many as five people have died due to fentanyl since the beginning of the year. We know who the dealers are. The police investigate, but nothing changes. Dariusz Łapiński's material in Fakty TVN.

In Żuromin, Masovia, five people have lost their lives due to fentanyl overdoses since the beginning of this year. The last victim is Paul.

– When they opened it and showed it to me, I knew it was him. He was completely blue – she said in the “Attention!” program. TVN Monika, Paweł's fiancée.

Paweł's fiancée and mother have no doubts where and from whom he bought the deadly substance. One day only, the “Attention!” team TVN filmed nearly 20 young people entering the stairwell to buy drugs from a local dealer. He denies everything.

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– I did not administer any fentanyl to anyone – he said.

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“Man forgets to breathe”

– If the permissible dose is overdosed even slightly, there is a risk of so-called respiratory depression. A person is in such a deep mood, to put it colloquially, that he forgets to breathe – explains Tomasz Patora, a reporter of the “Uwaga!” program. TVN.

Because fentanyl is an extremely strong painkiller with a narcotic effect that is 50 times stronger than heroin. It's cheap, easy to get, and even easier to overdose on. In recent years, it has become a real plague in the United States. Several hundred thousand people have died there after taking it.

– Recently they also found a dead body in block 9. 37 years old boy, Paweł. Now mine, and earlier, I will be missing fingers and toes – says Jadwiga, Paweł's mother.

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What do the police say?

According to the victims' families, there are two dealers in this small town of nine thousand inhabitants. Everyone knows about them, although probably not everyone does what they should.

– Each time an investigation is conducted under the supervision of the prosecutor's office. However, no one was charged with contributing to the death of these people, says aspirant Tomasz Łopiński, spokesman for the police headquarters in Żuromin.

If this does not change, more victims are a matter of time.

Reports Attention! can be watched on player.pl.

– He left his grandson to me. I take care of him now and I would never want my grandson to die in this way – continues Paweł's mother.

– Death awaits everyone, because I observe it. These are not only dysfunctional families. These are the families of doctors, these are the families of teachers. This applies to everyone, says Adam Ejnik, a teacher and local journalist.

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They die in basements

Thursday's edition of “Attention!” TVN was live in Żuromin at the Wyzwolenia estate, where the bodies of young people were being taken out of the basements. In special bags, it is a very characteristic sight. Why from basements? Because the path of addicts is actually constant. First, there is an SMS with the amount of the order for a specific plot to the dealer who lives in the estate. The dealer prepares a fragment of a patch (based on the amount) soaked in an extremely strong painkiller and at the same time a drug – fentanyl. Then a quick exchange in the stairwell, goods for money. “Customers” go to the nearest basement to process the patch into a liquid and administer it intravenously.

It is so strong that it is very easy to overdose on it and some of these young people stay here forever.

It is known that five people have died in recent months, and at least several dozen in recent years. These are very embarrassing topics in Żuromin and relatives are often ashamed to talk about the reason for the death of a loved one.

They were charismatic and had interests

At the local cemetery, teacher Adam Ejnik can easily point out the graves of these people. – People don't want to talk about it because they are ashamed of it – he says.

He also showed reporters the grave of a “victim from the first wave” who died in 2009. – A charismatic, amazing person – recalls Hubert.

– Here's another “bag person”. He went to school with us because I remember his brothers. Kuba died on August 4. That was the date when two boys, young guys, 30 years old, were taken out of the staircase. Kuba was among them – the teacher continues, pointing to another grave from 2014.

He then shows where Agnieszka, a junior high school student whom he was teaching, is lying. – She was interested in the Polish language, especially literature. Later she wrote poems, she was extremely sensitive and rebellious. Agnieszka's body was found in the Żerański Canal in Warsaw. She was 28 when she died, Ejnik recalls.

When asked about what the city authorities have done so far, Aneta Goliat, mayor of Żuromin, replied: – First of all, we focused on prevention, because we have such tasks. From an early age, we organize workshops and meetings with young people from the youngest grades, with parents, educators and teachers. We cooperate with school management.

She added that the local government is aware of the problem, but there is not much it can do. – This is a tragic situation, so many people died in such a tragic way (…) I cannot prosecute the dealer, I can appeal – she said.

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Author:Dariusz Łapiński

Main photo source: Attention! TVN

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