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AH5N1 bird flu in milk. The first such case in the world

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Information about human infection with the AH5N1 virus has come to light At the start of April. The US authorities then said that the infected person was Texas dairy farm worker.

Tests showed that the infection had occurred after contact with fresh milk originating from infected cattle. – This is the first case of human infection with bird flu via a cow – said Wenqing Zhang, head of the global influenza program WHO.

USA. AH5N1 bird flu in milk. The first such case of infection in humans

– So far, we have observed the transmission of the virus from bird to cow, from cow to cow or from cow to bird, but not from cow to human. This suggests that the virus may have been found another route of transmission than expected, she added.

The AFP agency notes that the infection has been registered in Texas the second case of detection of AH5N1 in whole humans United States recently. Both occurred after the event increased disease in cows.

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– More and more states are affected by the disease many herds of cows and goats. This shows the next stage of H5N1 transmission to mammals, Zhang said. This fact surprised scientists because it was believed that cows or goats are not susceptible to this type of flu.

Virus in cow's milk. “It's important to use safe practices”

Zhang also found that it occurs in tested milk “very high virus concentration”. However, experts still determine how long the virus can survive there.

The Texas Department of Health reported cattle infections do not pose a problem for the commercial milk supply, because dairies are obliged to dispose of milk from sick cows. The ministry also emphasized that the pasteurization process also effectively kills the virus.

– It is important that people practice safe eating practices, e.g consuming only pasteurized milk i dairy products – Zhang emphasized.

WHO reported that from 2003 to April 1, 2024 in 23 countries worldwide has been reported 889 cases of AH51N1 infections in humans. 463 of them ended in death – this means that the indicator mortality rate is 52%.

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