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Anielinek, Mińsk Mazowiecki. How did the moose get to the A2 motorway?

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A few days ago, a moose appeared on the A2 near Mińsk Mazowiecki. There was a collision, as a result of which five people, including three children, were taken to hospital for examination. The animal did not survive. How is it possible that the moose got onto the fenced highway? We ask the road manager.

The accident occurred on Tuesday night on the A2 near Mińsk Mazowiecki. A moose got onto the highway. While trying to cross the road, the animal was hit by a passenger car driver. Five people, including three children, were taken to hospital for tests. The moose did not survive the accident.

He could have entered through a nearby junction

How could such an event happen? The motorway in the place where the incident occurred is fenced, as confirmed by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways.

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– On the Mińsk Mazowiecki bypass, the main route on both sides is fenced with a steel mesh topped with an orange mesh strip, which is intended to highlight the fence as an obstacle – said Małgorzata Tarnowska from GDDKiA.

So how did the moose end up on the road? The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways determined the probable course of the event. – The animal could have got onto the highway through the nearby Jakubów junction – informed Tarnowska.

See this sign? Slow down and pay attention

The spokeswoman reminded that the entire bypass is marked with signs A-18b, meaning “wild animals”. He warns against the possibility of encountering this type of animals.

– In the case of warning signs, in conditions of limited visibility (for example at night), the speed should be adjusted to the prevailing conditions and potential threats – emphasized Małgorzata Tarnowska. She added that then you should slow down to 90 km/h, even though you can drive up to 140 km/h on the highway. – We observe the surroundings, we observe the road ahead of us – she advised.

She presented specific calculations to support the idea that it is worth taking our foot off the gas pedal. They show that traveling a 20-kilometer section of the ring road at a speed of 90 km/h will take less than five minutes longer compared to traveling at a speed of 140 km/h.

Road sign A-18b “wild animals”

Main photo source: Volunteer Fire Department Jakubów

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